Green Pool Gold Medals: P-r-oO-phecy or Coincidence

After diving was mentioned in yesterday’s PoOlympics Games comedy idea, Leeds divers Chris Mears and Jack Laugher laughed all the way to Team GB’s first ever diving gold… in a pool turned green.


It was reported in glorious greenygrey by the Yorkshire Times.

Screenshot (63)

As I listen to Planet Rock, Wyatt is launching the rock Olympics.

Quite seriously, I was thinking this morning how I’ve never heard of competitive scuba diving, as there is for other sea sports like surfing, sailing and kayaking. I think scuba diving would be more of a human sport, as it is without any big accessory.

Prophecy or Coincidence?

In ancient times the Rio pools turning green could have been seen as a message, but now they think it can be scientifically explained as an increase in algae.

In 1994 I saw a similar coloured water in Lake Titicaca, the world’s highest navigable lake, on the border of Bolivia and Peru. An article on World Crunch showed it was the same or worse last year, putting it down to environmental pollution. Here’s their photo:


I think it looks nice and different, but unfortunately isn’t good or healthy!

P.S. Was there something in the Yorkshire Water last night? Leeds United also had an exciting penalty kicks win, with new goalie Green saving the fifth Fleetwood penalty for a 5-4 penalties win, after Leeds took the game into extra-time with a last minute equaliser.


2 thoughts on “Green Pool Gold Medals: P-r-oO-phecy or Coincidence

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