PoOlympics Sponsored by Toilet Paper Companies

After yesterday’s blog I thought it was a mistake to suggest pooing could be included in the Olympics. I now think it deserves an Olympics all of its own! Moreover, it would be the perfect platform for toilet paper advertising, as well as toilets, bathrooms, bidets (had to look up the spelling for that!), anti-bacterial soaps etc. The poOlympics is a goldmine waiting to happen.

PoOlympics Events

Pooing provides a wide range of events comparable with the Olympics. You could have sprint pooing, long-distance pooing (I was thinking time-wise first, but you could also have distance too), then there’s weight – with the weight pooed taking the place of weight lifted.

While most events are more suited to dry land, you could also have pool pooing to represent the swimming events. Pooing off dive-boards would represent diving, with marks for style, technique, and splash on entry.

PoOlympics Training

I guess training would be similar too, especially in the days leading up to the event. However, while most Olympics athletes probably try and eat so they poo just before the event, in the PoOlympics the pooing would be the main event.

I guess there would be the same amount of carbing up, but laxatives would probably take the place of steroids and doping as the top banned product.

Dedicated to South Park Mr Hankey – the Christmas Poo

While the PoOlympics is an original idea as far as I know, South Park had Mr Hankey, the Christmas Poo. It wasn’t one of my favourite characters, but could be quite funny at times; the idea was probably funnier than any of its escapades.

Have I given away another of my great ideas, in my eagerness to entertain you great greenYgreyliens? I’ve recorded enough in XaW Files anyway!

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and all great big bookshops.


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