Environmental Tree Planting Offer after Toilet Humour

While I once dreamed of winning gold in Olympics track events, my best hope now would probably be if pooing was made an Olympic sport. Yes, I consistently deliver a gold medal performance with my morning clear out.

Velvet Tissue Worth the Money

The opening paragraph wasn’t just for comedy purposes, and to keep stalking bullying workmates like Dastardly away from me (conspiracy theories about too much toilet time!), and show the public I’m not just trying to make myself out to be holier than thou, but also to recommend Velvet Tissue toilet paper.

If adverts showed the real thing, instead of nice puppies etc, then I might be hired for some much needed commercial work.

I’d been using cheap toilet rolls, but there were none left when I went to buy my last batch, with hardly any left at home. So I paid a little extra for Velvet Tissue, which were on offer a little.

I must say, I think it was money well spent, because although they are not as cheap per roll, they last much longer, because they are bigger and stronger, needed only a few sheets, rather than many.

Velvet Tissue 3 Trees for 1 Offer

They also promise to plant 3 trees for every 1 cut down for their paper, which sounds like a greenYgrey 3 win-win-win great offer to me.

There’s also a competition to enter.

I have no relationship with the company, and am doing this because I believe the above, and think it is a good offer for the environment.

I don’t know if they keep their promise, but they seem to, and I sincerely hope they do!

Screenshot (62)


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