Rio Charity Congratulations and Olympics Good Luck

Congratulations to Mike Tomlinson and the charity team for completing their 3,000 miles ride to Rio ten years to the day after his wife Jane started her 4,200 miles ride across the USA while suffering from late stage cancer. You can donate to the appeal at: or text JRTR70 £5 to 70070 to donate £5.

They celebrated with all the colours of the greenYgrey, under the statue of Christ the Redeemer, with Jesus a good motivational historical figure, whose memory has been tainted by the crimes of some of his followers, and especially in the Americas; as with Islam in the rest of the world, although Mohammed wasn’t such a good example and martyr as Jesus Christ the historical figure… or Socrates the Greek philosopher, who predated Jesus by about 500 years, and Mohammed by about 1000.


Rio Olympics 2016

Good luck to all the good people of Rio and the drug-free competitors at the Olympics, and especially Team GB.

Team GG hasn’t sent a team, as the greenygrey world doesn’t exist any more. Rio hosted the greenygrey World Cup in 2014, after London hosted the greenygrey Olympics in 2012.

It was all just good sporting fun in the greenYgrey world, but some people try to read more into even fun sporting blog posts, with double negatives not seeming to like teams like Jamaica and Ireland included; wrong to ignore them and wrong to include them!

I only realised a couple of my animal encounters photos were from the Olympics hosts after posting them yesterday. Brazil was a beautiful natural place to visit, and Rio is probably the most amazing city I’ve been. It’s a shame it’s now troubled, after looking good in 2014, and I hope the Olympics spirit can revive its fortunes.

I was delighted to see some great greenYgreying at yesterday’s Rio Olympics opening ceremony, and I hope the fun and sport continues to delight:

rio olympics rio olympics2 rio olympics3 rio olympics4 rio olympics5 rio olympics6rio olympics7


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