Wild Animal Reunions Show Power of Love Everywhere

The YouTube videos I correctly placed on here seem to have been blanked out. Conspiracy or technological accident? I noticed the BBC ones had been fuzzed out before, but now after posting Dogs Trust ones to promote animal intelligence they’ve all been blanked out altogether.

I’ve just paid for another year of this site, but it will be the last unless there’s more interest. The old website seemed to have a lot of visitors, but most were short visits, and could have been spam. I’m partly doing this out of a love for writing, and sharing my knowledge, but can’t be bothered doing it if it doesn’t have any benefits to me, readers and the good causes I favour.

Wild Animal Reunions

Anyway, there’s plenty to watch on YouTube and television channels. I’ve loved the first couple of episodes of Wild Animal Reunions on ITV; I think only available in the U.K., but maybe elsewhere too?

For a greenYgrey 3 reasons:

  1. shows humans caring for animals
  2. shows animals recognise individuals, and return kindness, affection and love
  3. shows humans and animals can live in harmony

Meeting Wild Animals

I haven’t experienced any wild animal reunions, just domestic ones, but I did meet many animals on my travels, and got a few photos. Some were on the old website but haven’t been shown for a while, so I’ll repeat them below; they are mainly for the animals, but are admittedly about 20% me showing off!

They were before the great Steve Irwin popularised such animal encounters, and I wouldn’t have taken the risks he did; not without training etc anyway. So I’ll include a disclaimer saying don’t try this unless you really want to and feel safe, but please don’t decode/interpret it as anti-animal, as I think somebody did with a warning about dogs on the old website.

I want to encourage animal a-were-ness good stories, to try and save animals from death and cruelty, while avoiding harm to humans, and the resulting bad news stories for animals.

These meetings and photos were the main reason I thought I could contribute something to animal welfare when I set up the greenygrey website, and I hope they still can. Only Wild Animal Reunions inspired this blog post.

The greenygrey is supposed to be a modern White Fang or Skippy, a fictional character fighting against the negative portrayal of wolves and wildlife, mostly by monotheist religion oppressing native people and beliefs, as described last night in a documentary about the Pacific North-West , and trying to conserve the wonders of nature for future generations of humans and animals.

Wolf-Malamute Hybrid in USA

wolf wolf-001 wolf1 wolf-002 wolf-003 wolf-005 wolf-006

Capuchin Monkey in Copan Mayan site, Honduras



Iguana in Santa Rosa national park, Costa Rica

Caiman in Pantanal wetlands, Brazil


Coati near Iguazu Falls, Brazil



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