Animal Intelligence A-were-ness in Dogs Trust Adverts

After yesterday’s epic blog post I thought a shorter one better for today, so I was delighted to notice there was some great greenYgreying going on in the new Dogs Trust advert last night. I have seen today there is a history of it; as they’ve been using a yellow theme for a long time, and dogs love running free and playing in the great green and grey outdoors.

Animal Intelligence

While most scientific interest and money is AImed at the artificial intelligence AI, I’m more interested in learning about the animal intelligence AI, as hopefully it can help humanity appreciate animals more, leading to less animal cruelty and species eradication.

Remembering that the were of werewolf is the human element, and the greenYgrey has a friendly veggie werewolf theme, I think there has been a great advance in human a-were-ness of animal intelligence over my lifetime; some by scientists, and some by the masses, with technology playing a big part – including videos on YouTube etc; but there is still a lot to learn.

This is the new Dogs Trust advert, with a dog a-were-ness theme; a dog aware of a human, as a-were-ness works both ways, old-fashioned greenygrey style, with the rebranded greenYgrey now 3D:

Dogs Trust Adverts

Here’s a couple of old ones that are also greenYgreytastic:


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