Megadeth Hangar 18 Red Bull Hangar 7: X Files Relevant Episode

Having mentioned Red Bull appearing in XaW Files: Beyond Humanity in yesterday’s blog, I’m sure all great greenYgreyliens were eager to read all about it. Landing safely with a Red Bull wings theme started off chapter 6, previously mentioned here because of the Vienna Schwarzenegger Why/Y theme a few episodes later.

I also remembered I’d edited the classic WoO Northern Territories episode in book 2 of the trilogy recently posted here ending to ‘For the first time it did not whistle its opinion; instead it did quack, ‘I do.’; which I think is a much better punchline than ‘he said: ‘I do.’, and fitted in with the episode heading: Humpty Doo and the Quackado in Kakadu.

Local Specialist or Wandering Seeker

Returning to XaW Files, book 3 of 3, the landing and welcome provided by Red Bull in Chapter 6 Episode 1 is so nice, our travel quest protagonist wonders at the end ‘why I worried about other things, such as looking for greenYgrey signs of life on my rambles. Expertly knowing one material thing you see and work with every day is surely better than endlessly looking for theories in the unreachable ether?.. on paper… but not in air…’

That thought referred to my thoughts on life, which I liken to a sporting team career. You can either spend it with one club, being considered loyal and maybe a legend; or spend it moving around different clubs, learning more about the game/world, but never feeling settled.

I’m happy with my life, and feel blessed (by something/nothing? agnostically) to have survived to 50, as I saw John Lydon, leader of PiL, formerly Public Image Limited, the king of punk, formerly Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols, saying about reaching 60 in a recent Artsnight documentary. I also recently watched a documentary about Ken Loach, the socialist filmmaker. Both said they felt they’d sold out somewhat, making commercial adverts, but had done it to keep working creatively. I have just tried to sell my books so far. They are both much more legendary and successful creatively though.

I still think about other paths I might have taken though, through the generations of my life; ones that seemed boring or unimportant at the time, safe and predictable; such as continuing to play football when young at semi-pro level, having given up dreams of professional; staying in the places I really liked when travelling; or getting a normal career job after graduating with my History degree.

However, if I hadn’t travelled, studied and written as I have, they would have been the ‘what ifs’, as I’d always wanted to travel, and after learning about the counter-culture through my interest in rock and metal music, write about it like Jack Kerouac.

Have I learned more with all my travelling and searching. In some ways, but I don’t know about overall. Returning to the thoughts from chapter 6 episode 1, you can learn a little about lots of places, or a lot about one or a few. Some teachers and tutors teach the same thing all their lives, and know it off by heart. They may know other things too, but often have tunnel vision, always viewing the world through their speciality.

Like my desire to learn about the world by travelling, I wanted to complement my humanities and social sciences education with other subjects to gain a more complete knowledge of the world, and meaning of life: I’ve probably fallen behind those who stayed in the subjects, as I’ve lost knowledge of my interests in youth, such as sport and music – but I think it’s been worth it to get a rounder picture, and at least know our place in time.

Did Luke Aikins learn and achieve anything more in his record-breaking skydive, one of dozens he’s done, than a man spending Sunday morning with his family, and experiencing something new? He learnt something different, but not necessarily more.

Anyway, XaW Files chapter 6 gets more exciting in episode 2, but not necessarily better, as an X-Files relevant alien action story takes place. There’s a mention for Felix Baumgartner of Team Red Bull, who did the amazing skydive from space. Red Bull’s Hangar 7 air museum connects the story with Hangar 18, where the 1947 Roswell crashed UFO was said to have been taken, and later the title of a Megadeth song.

Comedy is provided by Liechtenstein country and Vaduz capital wordplay, and a Sound of Music theme, as it is Austrian. Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno and Love the mixed-up Vole are the protagonist’s companions at this time in the XaW Files.

Chapter 6 Episode 2

We were on our way to Hangar 7, relaxing in the Red Bull world, when a disc-shaped aircraft shot out of Hangar 18 looking even faster than a Red Bull vehicle. It stopped above our car and the next thing I knew we were being sucked up on a beam into its undercarriage, and then into the craft itself.

Liechtenstein A-lie-ns

‘Don’t worry,’ said our driver, ‘this isn’t the first time this has happened. When Felix Baumgartner returned from his space jump, these aliens followed him. We’ve been trying to coax them out of the craft, but they have taken a liking to Liechtenstein, and want to return there as often as possible. They now claim that Liechtenstein’s capital is their home planet, and that they were the founders of Vaduz.’

The Vaduz-a-lie-ns seemed very excited about returning to Liechtenstein, radiating more redolence than a Red Bull party. I started to question whether the Red Bull world was the idyllic utopia I had thought it was in the last episode, or if Vaduz offered more value. With its  va-u- look sharing three letters in exactly the same positions it certainly appeared so.

Vaduz Confuse

Our aircraft flew so high over Salzburg I thought I heard the Sound of Music, but then my Gs, which are now of course lower case after my rebranding, realised it was one of Mozart’s symphonies in G minor.

I thought the Vaduz-a-lie-ns must have read my thoughts with stereotypical Hollywood alien powers,  because they all of a sudden looked like the von Trapp family, and started singing a ‘Space is alive to the sound of music’ version of The Hills are Alive.

I wondered if the Vaduz-a-lie-ns were the good guys, and Red Bull the bad, as they were the ones trying to escape, and the escapees were the goodies in the Sound of Music. The Maria von Trapp Vaduz-a-lie-n did look exactly like Julie Andrews, and surely that amount of goodness couldn’t be replicated by an alien species.

Interstellar Love in Space

Just as I thought it was plain sailing analysing the Vaduz-a-lie-ns they effortlessly rebranded themselves as delectable dormice during ‘Do-re-mi’.

I was at first impressed with their Sound of Music medley coordination and creativity, but then began to worry even more when I started to sense dissension within our own ranks, as Stella and Love seemed to be arguing about who the Vaduz-a-lie-ns were most trying to impress.

Stella argued they were more into fashion, while Love cited their new dormouse image as proof they wanted to vacate Vaduz and vote Vole.

Just after hearing Love say vole I saw some shapeshifting that looked slinkier than a greenYgreyer, and was shocked to see the Vaduz-a-lie-ns were now Vole-a-lie-ns, or maybe voliens for short. Not that I was thinking so clearly at the time!

My mixed-up vole worry (volerry?) went interstellar when the next song in the medley was How Can Love Survive?


Megadeth have a song called Hangar 18 – where the 1947 Roswell UFO was allegedly taken.
Sound of Music songs: The Hills are Alive, Do-re-mi, How Can Love Survive?

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and all great big bookshops.


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