Luke Aikins greenYgreying Skydive Without Parachute

Luke Aikins thrilled the world over the weekend with the highest ever fall from a plane without a parachute – skydiving down into a net from 25,000 feet.

Moreover, he was wearing a greenYgrey jump suit, and the net was greenYgrey; even some of the crowd joined in the greenYgreying!

This blog post is reporting an amazing feat, with a twist of greenYgrey comedy. I’m not claiming his jump succeeded because he was wearing greenYgrey, just using the fact to make it into a greenYgrey relevant blog post, and try to create some parody comedy.

Luke Aikins is also a member of Team Red Bull, our friendly parody Formula 1 rivals, with our greenYgrey partners Mercedes still dominating the sport.

To create a greenYgrey atmosphere before watching the skydive, maybe play Saxon’s 20,000 feet along with it, with the stage show also including some great greenYgrey lighting.

It reminded me of greenYgrey’s epic final journey, which also took a long time, as I’m sure the skydive took a lot of planning, and ended with a sky scene. Red Bull also made an appearance in XaW Files, when the story visited Austria.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and all great big bookshops.


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