AAW-WOW (Adult Angelic Waifs – Women of World) was one of my first acronym ideas when I started my creative writing career in 2005. POP (PinkyOrangePurple) was one of the last, signalling the sunset of the greenYgrey world idea. The two ideas seem to combine in Stella McCartney’s POP perfume discussed in yesterday’s blog.

Spirit of AAW-WOW

AAW-WOW  was supposed to celebrate and empower the women most in line with my tastes. While some people might think women like modern AAWs such as Amber Heard, Taylor Momsen and Cressida Bonas don’t need any support, there are women who are suffering mentally and physically every day. Ashley James epitomised this, when she appeared on Sunday Morning Live to discuss her mental health issues.

Back in 2005, women in Britain were under several threats. The Islamist grooming cases under the New Labour government were coming to the surface, and yesterday’s report of general online paedophile abuse from Scotland shows the problem is still very serious.

Slim women also seemed under pressure to change their figures, with celebrities like Jordan/Katie Price popularising plastic surgery. That’s one thing about California I don’t like.

Internationally, the rise of Islamism has seen many women lose their freedoms, and many lose their lives too. This is particularly true in formerly secular Muslim countries, such as Turkey and Iraq. Most victims are Muslim women, but others are too, with the masses of Yazidis forced into sex slavery, and being killed if they refuse, the most horrible example.

Double DOC

As I took it seriously, while often writing with comedy, I tried not to take advantage of my PhD doctor of philosophy position and creative writing mission; seeing how it delegitimised some of my tutors and celebrities like Russell Brand; and ended up being celibate for a decade. My decade of celibacy made me an acronym/abbreviation double DOC.

I don’t know if my writing has done any good, but seeing women like Stella McCartney doing well, and perhaps, replying to my creations, makes it seem worthwhile. It was like receiving the WOW signal received by NASA, and included in an epic poem Chapter 9 Episode 12 of XaW Files: Beyond Humanity.

NASA Wow Signal


The WOW signal could be explained by a comet in the next year or two, according to the Seeker website, as a comet that passed when the signal was received in 1977 is due to return, as science is always ready to test its hypotheses, and admit when they are unfounded.

The greenYgrey world is also ready to accept that Stella’s POP was not inspired by our PinkyOrangePurple. For now though, it is an ongoing theory. We await more messages from the media world.

Here’s the relevant episode from the last chapter, which features the greenygrey Y on its own, after green and grey had gone their own ways.

Chapter 9 Episode 12

Balancing on my lone lower dash
freezing wind ice spy despair
in terms of warmth not weight
wishing I were a were polar bear.

However, a p.b. would surely
crash straight to floor
yes, escaping the cold winds
but without discovering any more.

I had to think of something
more relevant to this ramble
remembering I’m in XaW
after what I’ve learnt of its preamble.

Shapeshifting into a XaW ‘a’
looked a warm and welcoming gig
sheltered by X and W
like my central position in gYg.

However, the ‘a’ was shorter
for reaching up not the best
in fact, it looked more like
a homely hidden nest.

W is the first letter of west
but in XaW its facing east
it’s also top heavy like Y
2 points bottom to 3 up top at least.

So I think X is my best option now
to balance myself and try to listen
here goes doubling my lower dash
so I can concentrate on higher intuition.

Becoming an X wasn’t as difficult
as I thought it might be
and now I felt ready to listen
without feeling perched precariously.

Able to stretch highest to sky
like treetops and leaves in spring
searching for knowledge and growth
helped by feelings only security can bring.

Hoping for a WOW message
like 1977’s 6EQUJF one from space
I’d just looked up astronomical listening –
funny how sometimes things fall into place.

I picked up something from afar
sounding like our ex-Andy Wolfhol
saying he was where he should be
driving his vampire friends up the wall.

Then a double-barrelled message
emanating from Icelandic parliament Althing
eXited me off the tree-top, toppling while
trying to deciduous, was it evergreen.



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