Rachel Sylvester Humpty Doo Time-Travelling Book Connection

After I revealed that Rachel Sylvester was one of my interviewees for my PhD thesis in the recent Theresa May Knighthood blog post, and The Times journalist now reminded me ‘of Rachel Riley, my favourite mathematician, and Sylvester, my favourite cartoon cat’ I guess great greenYgreyliens have wanted one thing more than anything.

PaintShopPro Editing Skills

No, not the interviews, but images of the greenYgrey world’s Rachel Sylvester. And the greenYgrey world is mainly here to entertain, so I downloaded a trial month of PaintShopPro (thanks to them for their nice capitalism, as far as I know), and rekindled my photo layers editing skills, first learnt in a library series of lessons just after my PhD a decade ago.

I created my book covers and images like the Humpty Doo using Photo Impact on my old computer, but couldn’t find a photo editing program on my newer one.

It took a while to do the first two photos, with a small stress and frustration cost, but that made finally getting them right all the more rewarding. Then later, while watching television, I had the idea for the third one. I did that quickly and efficiently this morning.

Countdown to a New Word

First of all I’d like to say that this blog post’s images mean no disrespect to cartoon cats.

Secondly, I’d like to point out that the above first of all was satirical comedy, and I also mean no disrespect to Rachel Riley. In fact, this morning, while thinking of this blog, and the Countdown word-making and maths-solving programmes she stars in, and that have been featured a lot on this blog, as well as in XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, I thought up a new greenYgreyesque/AAW-WOW word, of course only knowing her television celebrity personality and mathematical skills:  adorespect. It is a combination of adore and respect, meeting in the re ending of adore and beginning of respect.

I hope Susie Dent won’t mind me favouring a mathematician over a wordsmith, and will rise above any resentment to campaign for its use as a new word! I also hope Carol Vorderman knows she was also appreciated, and is not forgotten. I am also available for a guest appearance on Countdown or 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown… or most other television shows!!

Rachel Riley and Sylvester the Cat

After searching images of Rachel Riley and Sylvester Cat I first of all copied Sylvester into a photo of Rachel Riley and a female friend greenYgreying in a garden (sorry to the friend for the editing out!). Here’s the first photo of the greenYgrey world’s Rachel Sylvester:

rachel sylvester

The second photo sees Rachel Riley and Sylvester the Cat werecatise into one creature:

rachel sylvester2

Then the third image of this hot-off-the-press trilogy combines the second and third books of the greenYgrey trilogy, as Rachel Sylvester is in Oz’s Humpty Doo:

humpty doo

Dr. Marc Latham’s books are available on Amazon. Werewolf of Oz is available for free download on most ereaders until Sunday, July 31st, 2016 on Smashwords.


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