France Church Attack by Islamists Nothing New

British  politicians and the media, and probably the same in Europe, by the sound of it, say that the current I.S. wars are nothing to do with religion, and that Islam is peaceful. That’s obviously disingenuous, as it is to say it about Christianity.

Always Been Peace and Violence to Middle-East Monotheism

Those that say Islam is a religion of peace obviously don’t know their history. Islam is all about Mohammed and the Quran, which happened in the 7th century. The next century saw Arabs break out of their arid homeland, and violently invade land which is now Muslim, such as in north Africa and central Asia.

They also invaded Europe, taking over parts of Iberia (modern Spain and Portugal) and reaching France. The Arab Muslim Moors believed the Quran was a signal from Allah (God) that they should invade and occupy the world under an Islamic Caliphate.

Battle of Tours, 732: Allah Prophecy Defeated

However, the invading Muslim army was defeated in the Battle of Tours in 732, and eventually driven out of Iberia.

That should have ended Muslims’ belief in their divine right to rule the world, but the myth has been perpetuated through history, and some Muslims today still believe it. Those who still try and make the prophecy come true are like people who won’t accept defeat, and just try continuing the rivalry: best of 3, best of 5, best of 999…

If Islam had successfully occupied Europe, Asia and Africa they probably would have thought they ruled the world. That’s because they didn’t know about the Americas then, where great pyramid-building civilisations were worshipping their own gods without any knowledge of the Middle-Eastern god(s).

Christianity’s Bad History

I’m from a Christian background, but don’t believe in it. I didn’t take much notice in religion until the rise of Islamism, but have taken more interest since. I believe in the monotheistic one god of the Middle-East even less now:

  1. partly due to my research
  2. partly due to advances in science
  3. partly due to the behaviour of monotheists – mainly Islamists.

So why should I care if an 86-year-old priest died? I’m no fan of the catholic church generally, after their brutal conquests and inquisitions in medieval history, and  paedophile cases in the modern.

Of Gods and Men – Algeria French Connection

When I heard of the murder of Father Jacques Hamel yesterday I remembered watching the movie, Of Gods and Men, an award-winning movie that told the story of French Trappist monks beheaded by Islamists in Algeria in 1996 – the 20th anniversary was in March this year.


They had previously got on well with the local Muslim community; as most Muslims get on with French people in modern France.

It was bad enough that French Christians were killed in that way in Algeria. Now, twenty years later, a cowardly childish man has slit the throat of a French Christian in France. One of many attacks since France helped Muslims in the Balkans, and the west helped the Mujahideen in Afghanistan against the mostly non-religious Russians during the 1980s – after recently writing I’d been warning about this for 17 years I remembered I’d actually warned that the west would regret helping religious extremists back then, when I was a godless socialist follower of old Labour.!


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