Theresa May Knighthood on Way?

Theresa May may give me a knighthood next year… and I’m a fantasy travelling were.

Yes, it’s a little greenYgrey self-parody with an element of fact. In some ways I think I am probably worth a knighthood, after warning about the current state of Britain, Europe, the USA and world with regard to terrorist attacks 17 years ago, when it was considered politically incorrect enough to ruin your academic career prospects under the New Labour hegemony.

As Turkey restricted academics’ movements and communications just about first, and blamed the coup on a writer, we are considered the most dangerous to dictatorial leaders, or restrictive political hegemonies. Britain isn’t as bad Turkey or most, but it’s also not the most liberal either.

However, in the current political situation, I think it is now a time of war, rather than peace, so pushing humanity towards an ideal liberal society, full of free thinkers and happy citizens, like Charlie Hebdo was trying to do in France, must take a back seat, as the first priority is protecting the people from as many murderous attacks as possible.

Theresa May Benefited from Interview by My Interviewee

Anyway, I have digressed. It seemed as if Theresa May faced a tough Conservative party leadership contest with Angela Leadsom until the latter dropped a clanger in an interview, claiming mothers are better equipped for being the Prime-Minister.

I didn’t think much about it at the time (writing ‘much’ reminding me I need to change much to many in the recent Apologies to Dr. Timothy Leary blog post, second paragraph in the Dr. Timothy Leary section, having noticed before, but not getting around to editing it), until I heard Labour’s Alan Johnson discussing it on a recent This Week (14/07/2016).

Rachel Sylvester, Times Journalist

Johnson said Leadsom’s interviewer, The Times’s Rachel Sylvester, had a fearsome reputation, and he’d been warned to watch his step when he was interviewed by her, as she always went for front page news. I don’t know if Sylvester tried to get Leadsom to say something sensational, but it did end up on the front page, and decided the next Prime Minister.

My connection to it is that; and this is real, not a greenYgreyesque combination of Rachel Riley, my favourite mathematician, and Sylvester, my favourite cartoon cat; Rachel Sylvester was one of my journalist interviewees for my PhD thesis in 2005, when she was working for The Telegraph.

I doubt if I had much influence on Sylvester’s interviewing style, but probably more than all the people; unprofessional in politics, media and humanities; I’ve known personally who’ve thought they played a big part in my writing.

My PhD thesis is available on Amazon for a very high price, but I have other books on there for reasonable amounts, and two of my latest books are free to download on Smashwords for most readers until the end of July, 2016.




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