Boredom Inspires Conceptual Idea Evolution Comedy

Warning: this blog post contains subtle self-parody… as well as some nice thoughtful writing… as Steel Panther can combine funny parody with quality music… Tommy Cooper could do self-parody and magic… and Ian Hislop knows satire and politics…

Evolution of a Conceptual Idea

The greenYgrey evolution took an unexpected twist this morning on gmail, beginning a new branch in its tree of life. After amassing gargantuan amounts of great greenYgreys in my early social media days, they’d reduced to a trickle of intermittent ones; that was due to my boredom, rather than a lack of new material.

Then I saw a photo this morning of a three-lamped streetlight, with green trees behind it, and blue sky above. I thought, and then wrote:

‘If the street light was yellow, and only had the two outside lamps, and the sky was grey… it’d be a great greenygrey!’

It was a new kind of gmail greenYgreyism: a ‘what if’, rather than a ‘what a’.

Moreover, it had been born not of necessity, but boredom… and the desire to create something different… not planned… not premeditated… spontaneously… upon seeing that photo… only that photo… but I’m sure there will be many more… now the new branch has been created…



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