Mysterious Mind of Mine

Last night, out of nowhere, when watching television, I suddenly thought I’d used moral instead of morale in yesterday’s post. It’s the second time in a week that has happened. In Faster Running in a Month I wrote 2 x 3 km first; then, hours later, when I was returning home with the shopping, I suddenly thought I’d made that mistake. I don’t know if there are any other mistakes in the last week’s blog posts.

How the Writing Mind Works

I can’t prove that’s what happened, unless you’re watching me write this, when seeing me go straight into the blogs and correct the two mistakes cited above should convince you. It doesn’t make me out to be a great writer, or journalist; maybe many wouldn’t have made those mistakes at all; it’s just an aside about the way my mind works: the positives and the negatives, as I’ve been trying to write about since creating the greenYgrey.

I suppose it’s similar to people wondering if they locked the doors when leaving the house, or if they turned something off before leaving. I think usually those thoughts are thankfully wrong, but my two writing thoughts about errors this week have been 100% right.

As well as trying to understand myself; in the Nietzsche documentary recently discussed here, one of his greatest assets was said to be his self-knowledge; my main inspiration has been those in the 1960s counter-culture, such as Timothy Leary, who hoped to lead humanity to a better society, through understanding themselves, and controlling their negative traits. I don’t have much hope for humanity left though, but still persevere with my writing at the moment.

Maybe my disillusionment is because I have now aged beyond my own youthful wonder with the world, and look on it with tired old eyes. Maybe the world looks just as hopeful to the younger generation as it did to me in the 1980s, when it was also a very bleak time, with mass unemployment and social discord.

Exploring the Mind

I’ve tried to open my mind up to you as much as possible, from drawing a self-portrait of it at the end of my PhD, to detailing how I was thinking while writing XaW Files: Beyond Humanity. I think it should be a groundbreaking book in the understanding of the writer mind; my kind of writer mind anyway. Polite society seems to have other interests; such as marketing Russell Brand’s pathetic in-time-for-Christmas-sales-window-bookshelves Revolution! And they still wonder why we have the society we have!!

I’ve been writing these recent blog posts as stream of consciousness, with some inspiration or mental planning beforehand. I haven’t taken notes watching the documentaries and films, and have probably missed some great greenYgrey bits, only remembering the Y relevance of Ypres and Wipers Times at the end of writing yesterday’s blog.

That’s because of time: how much time I think these blogs should be, considering I have other work to do, and how much interest they seem to garner. Having said that, I have spent quite a lot of time on it; especially as I’d set out to tell you how I made Theresa May the new U.K. Prime Minister… in a real true connection way… but with some self-parody, as you’d hopefully now expect from the greenygrey!

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and all great big bookshops.


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