I Heard Science Proves My Beauty Claim?

Declaring myself a connoisseur of beautiful women about twenty years ago has been a double-edged sword, or in greenYgrey parlance, greenYgreyish. Because while I want to make beautiful women feel good, rewarding them for the way they brighten up my world, I don’t want to disappoint other women, in a similar vein to what the wonderful Kylie Minogue, who made a cameo in my similarly wonderful Werewolf of Oz, once said about her reality show judging.

Beauty is in the I of the Idea

A little new wordplay idiom for creatives above, pulling a little piece of self-proclaimed genius out of nowhere at the end of editing this blog post; I just searched it and found nothing like it anyway; it could of course be because it’s not considered good enough by others as well, greenYgrey style.

Moreover, if they’ve got partners it’s a no no.  Sometimes I’m not in the mood anyway, and have been trying to kill it off, especially in work. Are the women looking at me fans of my writing, or do they just want me to look at them? My book sales and blog visits suggest it’s for their egos more than my writing, which may be down to me trying to treat them equally, rather than talking down to them like most male tutors/doctors/managers/celebrities of my age.

I’d rather be a full-time connoisseur, working in the Victoria’s Secret modelling agency, or judging beauty contests, but I haven’t had any offers yet! I joked about inheriting the Playboy Mansion; and declared my desire to be there in my second poetry collection, 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections; but now Hef has sold it!


It’s all down to taste anyway. Most men are supposed to like the hourglass figure, while I prefer a slim waist. I don’t want to encourage anorexia though, and think too thin isn’t good. Trying to make light of what is a very serious condition for some women, I once said that I think that if your size 8 is looking baggy you should eat more. That was before size zero became popular!

Chris Evans loved Texas singer Sharleen Spiteri from what I remember, who looks nice but tomboyish to me, although I was a fan of Joan Jett back in the day; while Danny Dyer was infatuated with Susie Dent rather than Rachel Riley after guesting on Countdown, totally at odds with my tastes, although Susie Dent looks nice. Rachel and Susie of course made cameo appearances in my XaW Files: Beyond Humanity.

Science Finds Amber Heard has Most Beautiful Face

Anyway, the main inspiration for this blog post this morning is that scientists have apparently caught up with my admiration for Amber Heard, according to an article on Yahoo News, declaring her face to be the most beautiful according to facial mapping in line with the Greek golden ratio model (which does of course pre-date me and the greenYgrey Y): ‘this ratio is when the ratio between two quantities is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities.’

Moreover, Queen Kate Moss of the greenYgrey world was third!



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