Tony Blair’s First Illegal War was Kosovo and Domestic Mistakes

Tony Blair’s first illegal war (without UN authorisation) was Kosovo in 1999, siding with Muslim ethnic-Albanians; a culture emanating from the Ottoman Empire’s invasion and colonisation of Europe.

European History

Blair was instrumental in the NATO war against the Orthodox-Christian Serbs, who had fought alongside the Allies in World War Two; while the ethnic-Albanians had sided with the Nazis, creating the Skanderbeg SS division.

I don’t think there should have been a war in 1999, and that there wouldn’t have been if peacekeepers hadn’t been pulled out in 1998. Terrible things happened on all sides, before, during and after the NATO air campaign, which systematically destroyed the Serbian infrastructure, killing many civilians from all ethnicities.

Blair and Multiculturalism

Blair portrayed it as a war for a new multicultural Europe, at the same time as he was allowing millions of immigrants into the U.K. to ‘change the face of Britain’ forever, while also spending all the money, with one minister leaving a note after they lost the election saying there was no more money left.

I would just like to point out here that multiculturalism is not the same as multi-ethnical, and that I think Britain has always been multicultural; New Labour under religious Blair seemed to be trying to impose multiculturalism on us, with only Islam really caring and trying to grow into a power-sharer-dominator.

Blair and Grooming

It was also mostly during the Blair government that allegedly thousands more British girls than usual were  groomed, raped, tortured and prostituted; mostly by Muslim men.

So although I didn’t agree with the Iraq War, and agree that it was disastrous, mostly because of the politicians rather than the military, with the armed forces just trying to do a good job, I think it was just one of Tony Blair’s big mistakes; some of which the left-liberals supported/ignored; and still do.

I think the fact that he has made millions around the world since leaving office shows that he was more interested in his world image and brand than Britain’s social welfare; although I think he cared a little about Britain and British people; just not a lot.

I was an anti-war expert on Blair and New Labour political spin (public relations), writing my thesis on the Kosovo Conflict. It’s a bit pricey on Amazon, but I have written lots of other books since, and been able to price them more cheaply, while still retaining good quality… especially the last three self-published books: 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections; Werewolf of Oz and XaW Files.


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