Alvin Toffler More Prophetic Than Me

While some people who know me seem to think I am weird because I seem to know some things ahead of time, considering me supernatural in some way, I only really consider myself a poor man’s Derren Brown!

Alvin Toffler’s Future Shock

Most people just know the big ones, some because their societies only let them know the ones they want them to worship, and some because they’re not really interested.

While I aim for Buddha and Socrates, I’d settle for one or two, maybe a few, new concepts and ideas being accredited to me; kind of like Jules Verne in literature… with my Werewolf of Oz gig in the sky an example.

I was amazed at how accurate some of Alvin Toffler’s ideas about modern society were, when I heard of his death this week. He seems as good as Jesus Christ in many ways.

One of his ideas was information overload in the future society, which is now, so I’ll leave you to look him up if you don’t feel too overloaded already, as I’ve got the day-job to go to… half-time with the gruesome twosome!


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