Free Fiction and Poetry E-Books Download 2016

I’ve made my latest poetry collection 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections, and the second of the greenYgrey fantasy rambles by www maps and info, a new concept for the modern digital age by a graduated Doctor of Philosophy (Britain’s best value, if not best overall), free to download in July on Smashwords, which provides a service for many e-readers, such as those provided by Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Apple.

My Sacrifice was Real, but not as Much as Soldiers etc

They represent about three years of hard thinking and editing work, finding time between working part-time and exercising for my marathons ambition. I probably would have earned about U.K. £100,000 – £150,000 / U.S. $150,000 – $225,000 more within academia.

As they’re free, I don’t have to sell them to you, but I know from my own experience, that now time is like a commodity, and you have so many options for how you spend your spare time; and if you do decide to read anything extensively, there are many, many choices too.

Those who believe the books are good, and written with good intentions are right, and those who believe the opposite are wrong. Simples! (Aleksandr Orlov – Compare the Market/Meerkat).

As the above is company/comedy blind, the following example of my comedy and mental agility is colour blind, as were (sic) supposed to be, apparently:

It also has nothing to do with gender superiority, or physical attraction. The comedy is an in-joke for the greenYgrey world, which may only be in my mind, but hopefully some great greenYgreyliens get it too, about me trying to be a good feminist with a small f.

I could have included white versions, such as Simply Red for the first, but that may have been seen as racist in a whitewashing way, by Double Negatives; or in a football way by football supporters!

In reality, it’s just comedy using the songs, and the musicians are not part of the joke. I am. For your entertainment.

Free Books

The initial reason for the decision to make them free to download is because it was suggested by Smashwords, but thinking about it, I dedicate it to a combination of the Somme remembrance; and as they are downloads, to this year’s good and nice Download attendees, including Rammstein, who have a song called Sonne, which is probably unrelated except in letters similarity; and those who wanted to attend but couldn’t. And all the great greenYgreyliens of course.

The Books

Werewolf of Oz

242 Mirror Poems and Reflections


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