WOW Women of WoO

Today is the last day of the Smashwords free download of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps and my last poetry collection, 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections.  Following on from yesterdays blog, my books have had a strong feminist with a small f theme from the start.

This was inspired by my lifelong liking and loving for beautiful women, and a respect and fondness for all nice ones; rather than any particular women, or any militant feminist groups or opinions at university. It was also influenced by my disillusionment with male society – giving up on finding any kind of ‘brotherhood’ in normal society!

Mslexia Before Writing Magazine

When I started my creative writing career in 2005 the first writing magazine I subscribed to was Mslexia, which is a specialist magazine for women writers. However, they only accept submissions from women, so I changed to Writing Magazine after a year or two.

I’m not criticising the Mslexia policy, just writing what happened. They are both great writing magazines, with Writing Magazine probably better for beginners, and Mslexia better for more advanced writers and women.

I took a six months break from the day-job over the autumn and winter of 2011/12 to complete Werewolf of Oz, editing it and creating a storyline plot that brought the 142 blogged episodes together as a book.

Werewolf of Oz Women

Werewolf of Oz had a Wizard of Oz theme, with the Grey of Greenygrey taking the role of Dorothy. Bon Scott of AC/DC fame inspired the Bonzo character taking the place of Toto. Instead of the cowardly lion, scarecrow and tin man there was a body, mind and spirit theme.

Elle ‘the body’ Macpherson seemed a natural inclusion as the body. In the story she starts off with diminished confidence, but regains her identity over the course of the book.

Elle Macpherson at the Women's World Awards 2009 in Vienna, Austria

Elle Macpherson at the Women’s World Awards 2009 in Vienna, Austria

Olympic gold medallist Cathy Freeman was the spirit, and enjoyed a similar upward curve over the course of the book, following the Wizard of Oz theme.

There are also many cameos, such as the evergreen Kyle Minogue, and the heavenly Holly Valance, with the latter inspiring an epic poetic quiz episode, with some of her best and scrumptious bubble and squeak on the line.

Some fantasy females also star, such as Emily the Emerald Hat, Molly Mook landlady of the Rowdy Rook pub inspired by the actual Mollymook place, and Cilla Chinchilla, crack commando with the COG (Chinchillas of Goya – inspired by Goya’s chinchilla painting).

There are also females from overseas guesting, such as the Brontes because of Bronte, Sydney, and Mary Shelley, because there is a Frankenstein element to the grunge music Terminator – Grunginator.

Book Cover

I completed the whole book myself, including the cover on Photo Impact. I think it was the last time I used photo editing before the recent Rachel Sylvester – Rachel Riley and Sylvester the Cat – Humpty Doo special blog post.

I used a turquoise background layer, writing Werewolf of Oz on it. The photo I used as the upper layer is from Vinales, Cuba, with a lone walker on a greenygrey sunset highway symbolising the story, as well as just being a nice photo.

I had also merged a couple of Greenygrey logos into the photo. The bottom one is emptied of green, symbolising Grey, who set off on the ramble alone, after it was deported to Oz by the Grand Council, who’d taken over the Greenygrey world and imprisoned Green, in a storyline set up on my blog before the book started. The whole Greenygrey logo in the top corner represents Grey’s travel quest, to find Green, and become whole again.

The storyline was most inspired by the British ‘Home’ children deported to Commonwealth countries up to the 1950s. They were promised better futures before leaving, but usually suffered years of abuse and hardship instead. Their tale was just being revealed before this book, mostly through the movie Sunshine and Oranges (what they were said to be promised), after campaigning work by social worker Margaret Humphreys.

werewolf of oz


AAW-WOW (Adult Angelic Waifs – Women of World) was one of my first acronym ideas when I started my creative writing career in 2005. POP (PinkyOrangePurple) was one of the last, signalling the sunset of the greenYgrey world idea. The two ideas seem to combine in Stella McCartney’s POP perfume discussed in yesterday’s blog.

Spirit of AAW-WOW

AAW-WOW  was supposed to celebrate and empower the women most in line with my tastes. While some people might think women like modern AAWs such as Amber Heard, Taylor Momsen and Cressida Bonas don’t need any support, there are women who are suffering mentally and physically every day. Ashley James epitomised this, when she appeared on Sunday Morning Live to discuss her mental health issues.

Back in 2005, women in Britain were under several threats. The Islamist grooming cases under the New Labour government were coming to the surface, and yesterday’s report of general online paedophile abuse from Scotland shows the problem is still very serious.

Slim women also seemed under pressure to change their figures, with celebrities like Jordan/Katie Price popularising plastic surgery. That’s one thing about California I don’t like.

Internationally, the rise of Islamism has seen many women lose their freedoms, and many lose their lives too. This is particularly true in formerly secular Muslim countries, such as Turkey and Iraq. Most victims are Muslim women, but others are too, with the masses of Yazidis forced into sex slavery, and being killed if they refuse, the most horrible example.

Double DOC

As I took it seriously, while often writing with comedy, I tried not to take advantage of my PhD doctor of philosophy position and creative writing mission; seeing how it delegitimised some of my tutors and celebrities like Russell Brand; and ended up being celibate for a decade. My decade of celibacy made me an acronym/abbreviation double DOC.

I don’t know if my writing has done any good, but seeing women like Stella McCartney doing well, and perhaps, replying to my creations, makes it seem worthwhile. It was like receiving the WOW signal received by NASA, and included in an epic poem Chapter 9 Episode 12 of XaW Files: Beyond Humanity.

NASA Wow Signal


The WOW signal could be explained by a comet in the next year or two, according to the Seeker website, as a comet that passed when the signal was received in 1977 is due to return, as science is always ready to test its hypotheses, and admit when they are unfounded.

The greenYgrey world is also ready to accept that Stella’s POP was not inspired by our PinkyOrangePurple. For now though, it is an ongoing theory. We await more messages from the media world.

Here’s the relevant episode from the last chapter, which features the greenygrey Y on its own, after green and grey had gone their own ways.

Chapter 9 Episode 12

Balancing on my lone lower dash
freezing wind ice spy despair
in terms of warmth not weight
wishing I were a were polar bear.

However, a p.b. would surely
crash straight to floor
yes, escaping the cold winds
but without discovering any more.

I had to think of something
more relevant to this ramble
remembering I’m in XaW
after what I’ve learnt of its preamble.

Shapeshifting into a XaW ‘a’
looked a warm and welcoming gig
sheltered by X and W
like my central position in gYg.

However, the ‘a’ was shorter
for reaching up not the best
in fact, it looked more like
a homely hidden nest.

W is the first letter of west
but in XaW its facing east
it’s also top heavy like Y
2 points bottom to 3 up top at least.

So I think X is my best option now
to balance myself and try to listen
here goes doubling my lower dash
so I can concentrate on higher intuition.

Becoming an X wasn’t as difficult
as I thought it might be
and now I felt ready to listen
without feeling perched precariously.

Able to stretch highest to sky
like treetops and leaves in spring
searching for knowledge and growth
helped by feelings only security can bring.

Hoping for a WOW message
like 1977’s 6EQUJF one from space
I’d just looked up astronomical listening –
funny how sometimes things fall into place.

I picked up something from afar
sounding like our ex-Andy Wolfhol
saying he was where he should be
driving his vampire friends up the wall.

Then a double-barrelled message
emanating from Icelandic parliament Althing
eXited me off the tree-top, toppling while
trying to deciduous, was it evergreen.


Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and all great big bookshops.

POP Message Returned from Stella McCartney Perfume

The main plot of the third book in the greenYgrey trilogy was a travel quest around Europe to find our Andy Warhol, head honcho at greenYgrey creation, Andy Wolfhol. Stella McCartney was the main inspiration for our fashionista suprema, Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno. It had an X Files theme, which is all about looking for evidence of aliens and the supernatural.

Our world’s scientists have been trying to make contact with alien worlds over the last century, sending out messages, and awaiting replies, but none have been received yet. Today, it felt like the greenygrey world received a message from another world, the McCartney world, far away in inter-stella-r space.

POP Space X Files Mystery

Here’s part of the XaW Files book description:

‘Originally inspired by Jack Kerouac’s late 1940s and early 1950s travels and books, primarily On The Road, previous rambles inspired learning about much older books and writers. For example, we drew new inspiration relating to Cervantes’s Don Quixote and Sancho Panza in Oz, after our Grey protagonist travelled through Cervantes.

This book delves deeper into the literary and academic worlds than the previous two. Travelling through Russia, social realism guides several episodes. In Scandinavia and the Baltic countries epic poems, folklore and sagas provide themes for long stories of our own. In Vienna there was a golden era of early psychology, while nearby Lake Geneva was the inspiration for Frankenstein and the original vampire. There are also the surrealists of southern Europe, such as finding Marcel Duchamps, the originator of disposable art, and inspiration to Warhol; providing background and history to the POP art movement we were discovering along the way.

While the original travel quest was created, it did become like a real one along the way: to find out more about Warhol the man, and POP the community.’

POP Art to POP Perfume

So Andy Warhol’s POP art developed into an important theme in the XaW Files: Beyond Humanity book; an anagram of PinkyOrangePurple, which became the sunset colours for the greenYgrey world. This materialised after a sunrise, the other side of sunset, showing the upside-down topsy-turvy time-travelling mirror-reflection everything-is-possible way of the greenYgrey world, described in XaW (3:18):

After watching the nice clear sunrise after frosty snowy night I made the connection with Warhol’s POP, leading to a possible plot and end theme for the greenYgrey and this book, having previously put in the Gorky link about plot after seeing the Novgorod connection.
Yes, must admit, at times like that, when things seem to fit, like finding the right piece for a jigsaw, or word in a crossword; only it’s a puzzle you are both creating and doing at the same time; but your creator isn’t normally in contact with the doer, and they only meet at times like that, times when your mind seems in tune with itself, and whatever’s impelling it to write it; muse, holy trinity of the writing mind or whatever; at times like that, I accept any suggestion that I’m mostly doing it for myself, and even at this time, when the initial reluctance to enter the greenYgrey world to write is long forgotten, and I’m deep in the zone, like about the same time into a good long run in the sun. There are probably subtle differences between the zones, as there are between the sensations of feet running on ground and fingers tapping on a keyboard, or feeling the sunshine on a summer day and being wrapped up on a winter night, but they are essentially the same… and good.

Pop was Warhol’s art
Pop goes the Weasel
POP is the Earth’s
Pinky Orange Purple

There is a twilight before and after the yellow of the sun, as there was greenygrey before the rising of the greenYgrey Y.
Did our Andy Warhol, ol’ Wolfhol, our creative department head-honcho, provide the POP?
His disappearance did follow on quite quickly after the rising of our Y, as the sunrise and sunset colours form and fade for a relatively short time around the rising and setting of the sun.
If Wolfhol is our sunrise and sunset, does that mean that if we find him his POP will signal the setting of the greenYgrey Y?
Should we continue if that is the case? We think we must.
Y? We know Y, and that is enough. daY has a Y, but night has none.
Were (sic) not here to reinvent the Y, just adapt it for our name and story; a new and original use of a very old letter. Although it’s just one of twenty-six letters in the human alphabet, in our world it becomes special, through emphasis.

Stella McCartney POP Perfume

Then today, returning to the start, and main theme of this blog post, I saw an advert for Stella McCartney’s POP Perfume. I am a bit late, as it was released in March this year, about three months after XaW Files.

The women in the advert look too young to be Marc Latham’s lovers, remembering his 21-40 rule, with the goldilocks zone about 30, but old enough to be readers and fans.

I also like and agree with the perfume’s description:


March 11, 2016

“POP is a spirit. It’s about capturing and celebrating that very special and exciting time when you are finding yourself and coming into your own. It’s about freedom, and starting your life away from judgments or labels” – Stella McCartney

I think it not only captures the spirit of women, but also the spirit of greenYgrey. Werewolf of Oz, the second in the greenYgrey trilogy, had a body, mind and spirit theme, while the third, XaW Files, saw greenygrey really finding itself.

I wish Stella McCartney the best of luck with POP and all her business ventures; especially any involvement with her mother’s veggie food company – I especially like the sausages, mozzarella burgers and cheese and leek plaits, but looking at the website now, realise I haven’t tried all the produce, and some of the other kievs and pies look delicious… as well as greenYgrey:

veggie foods

greenYgrey’s augmented reality adventures by google maps are available on Amazon, and Werewolf of Oz is currently free in July 2016 for ereaders from Smashwords.

Rachel Sylvester Humpty Doo Time-Travelling Book Connection

After I revealed that Rachel Sylvester was one of my interviewees for my PhD thesis in the recent Theresa May Knighthood blog post, and The Times journalist now reminded me ‘of Rachel Riley, my favourite mathematician, and Sylvester, my favourite cartoon cat’ I guess great greenYgreyliens have wanted one thing more than anything.

PaintShopPro Editing Skills

No, not the interviews, but images of the greenYgrey world’s Rachel Sylvester. And the greenYgrey world is mainly here to entertain, so I downloaded a trial month of PaintShopPro (thanks to them for their nice capitalism, as far as I know), and rekindled my photo layers editing skills, first learnt in a library series of lessons just after my PhD a decade ago.

I created my book covers and images like the Humpty Doo using Photo Impact on my old computer, but couldn’t find a photo editing program on my newer one.

It took a while to do the first two photos, with a small stress and frustration cost, but that made finally getting them right all the more rewarding. Then later, while watching television, I had the idea for the third one. I did that quickly and efficiently this morning.

Countdown to a New Word

First of all I’d like to say that this blog post’s images mean no disrespect to cartoon cats.

Secondly, I’d like to point out that the above first of all was satirical comedy, and I also mean no disrespect to Rachel Riley. In fact, this morning, while thinking of this blog, and the Countdown word-making and maths-solving programmes she stars in, and that have been featured a lot on this blog, as well as in XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, I thought up a new greenYgreyesque/AAW-WOW word, of course only knowing her television celebrity personality and mathematical skills:  adorespect. It is a combination of adore and respect, meeting in the re ending of adore and beginning of respect.

I hope Susie Dent won’t mind me favouring a mathematician over a wordsmith, and will rise above any resentment to campaign for its use as a new word! I also hope Carol Vorderman knows she was also appreciated, and is not forgotten. I am also available for a guest appearance on Countdown or 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown… or most other television shows!!

Rachel Riley and Sylvester the Cat

After searching images of Rachel Riley and Sylvester Cat I first of all copied Sylvester into a photo of Rachel Riley and a female friend greenYgreying in a garden (sorry to the friend for the editing out!). Here’s the first photo of the greenYgrey world’s Rachel Sylvester:

rachel sylvester

The second photo sees Rachel Riley and Sylvester the Cat werecatise into one creature:

rachel sylvester2

Then the third image of this hot-off-the-press trilogy combines the second and third books of the greenYgrey trilogy, as Rachel Sylvester is in Oz’s Humpty Doo:

humpty doo

Dr. Marc Latham’s books are available on Amazon. Werewolf of Oz is available for free download on most ereaders until Sunday, July 31st, 2016 on Smashwords.

France Church Attack by Islamists Nothing New

British  politicians and the media, and probably the same in Europe, by the sound of it, say that the current I.S. wars are nothing to do with religion, and that Islam is peaceful. That’s obviously disingenuous, as it is to say it about Christianity.

Always Been Peace and Violence to Middle-East Monotheism

Those that say Islam is a religion of peace obviously don’t know their history. Islam is all about Mohammed and the Quran, which happened in the 7th century. The next century saw Arabs break out of their arid homeland, and violently invade land which is now Muslim, such as in north Africa and central Asia.

They also invaded Europe, taking over parts of Iberia (modern Spain and Portugal) and reaching France. The Arab Muslim Moors believed the Quran was a signal from Allah (God) that they should invade and occupy the world under an Islamic Caliphate.

Battle of Tours, 732: Allah Prophecy Defeated

However, the invading Muslim army was defeated in the Battle of Tours in 732, and eventually driven out of Iberia.

That should have ended Muslims’ belief in their divine right to rule the world, but the myth has been perpetuated through history, and some Muslims today still believe it. Those who still try and make the prophecy come true are like people who won’t accept defeat, and just try continuing the rivalry: best of 3, best of 5, best of 999…

If Islam had successfully occupied Europe, Asia and Africa they probably would have thought they ruled the world. That’s because they didn’t know about the Americas then, where great pyramid-building civilisations were worshipping their own gods without any knowledge of the Middle-Eastern god(s).

Christianity’s Bad History

I’m from a Christian background, but don’t believe in it. I didn’t take much notice in religion until the rise of Islamism, but have taken more interest since. I believe in the monotheistic one god of the Middle-East even less now:

  1. partly due to my research
  2. partly due to advances in science
  3. partly due to the behaviour of monotheists – mainly Islamists.

So why should I care if an 86-year-old priest died? I’m no fan of the catholic church generally, after their brutal conquests and inquisitions in medieval history, and  paedophile cases in the modern.

Of Gods and Men – Algeria French Connection

When I heard of the murder of Father Jacques Hamel yesterday I remembered watching the movie, Of Gods and Men, an award-winning movie that told the story of French Trappist monks beheaded by Islamists in Algeria in 1996 – the 20th anniversary was in March this year.


They had previously got on well with the local Muslim community; as most Muslims get on with French people in modern France.

It was bad enough that French Christians were killed in that way in Algeria. Now, twenty years later, a cowardly childish man has slit the throat of a French Christian in France. One of many attacks since France helped Muslims in the Balkans, and the west helped the Mujahideen in Afghanistan against the mostly non-religious Russians during the 1980s – after recently writing I’d been warning about this for 17 years I remembered I’d actually warned that the west would regret helping religious extremists back then, when I was a godless socialist follower of old Labour.!

Werewolf of Oz Classic Episode

The last blog post talking about werewolfised celebrities and characters, inspired by Rachel Sylvester, reminded me of a Werewolf of Oz classic episode, and with it free to download on Smashwords for most ereaders this week I thought I’d repeat it here, from the real mid-north Australian places of Humpty Doo, Kakadu, Darwin and Nitmiluk. As the photo below shows, the Aussies there don’t take things too seriously.


Humpty Doo and the Quackado in Kakadu

We departed Nitmiluk in the morning, wrapped up in our BOGOL jumpers, and with Bonzo feeling very lucky.  It was a leisurely morning jaunt north to the Kakadu National Park, with the long straight desert road stretching out to the wide blue yonder.

Humpty Doo and the Quack a Darwin Do in Kakadu

Bonzo and I freshened up where the Wildman and Alligator rivers met, as we didn’t fancy meeting either on their own, and thought they’d be too pre-occupied to take any notice of us at their waterfall.

We were just emerging from the water when an extraordinary looking creature arrived on the beach.  It reminded me of Green and my ol’ hero Scooby Doo, but it seemed to have a human body.

humpty doo

It was accompanied by a duck that couldn’t seem to stop whistling.

The duck approached us and whistled: ‘Hello, I am Darwin, a local whistler duck doctor, and this is my friend, the Humpty Doo, who also lives nearby.  We have just ventured east to Kakadu to look for new species to study.’

I said that I’d never seen such a creature as the Humpty Doo myself, and asked from where it had evolved.

Darwin whistled that he was not entirely sure, as it was ongoing research, but his theory on the origin of species was that it was descended from man in the English civil war and dog from Hollywood cartoon.

I said do you really think so, and he said: ‘I do.’

Theresa May Knighthood on Way?

Theresa May may give me a knighthood next year… and I’m a fantasy travelling were.

Yes, it’s a little greenYgrey self-parody with an element of fact. In some ways I think I am probably worth a knighthood, after warning about the current state of Britain, Europe, the USA and world with regard to terrorist attacks 17 years ago, when it was considered politically incorrect enough to ruin your academic career prospects under the New Labour hegemony.

As Turkey restricted academics’ movements and communications just about first, and blamed the coup on a writer, we are considered the most dangerous to dictatorial leaders, or restrictive political hegemonies. Britain isn’t as bad Turkey or most, but it’s also not the most liberal either.

However, in the current political situation, I think it is now a time of war, rather than peace, so pushing humanity towards an ideal liberal society, full of free thinkers and happy citizens, like Charlie Hebdo was trying to do in France, must take a back seat, as the first priority is protecting the people from as many murderous attacks as possible.

Theresa May Benefited from Interview by My Interviewee

Anyway, I have digressed. It seemed as if Theresa May faced a tough Conservative party leadership contest with Angela Leadsom until the latter dropped a clanger in an interview, claiming mothers are better equipped for being the Prime-Minister.

I didn’t think much about it at the time (writing ‘much’ reminding me I need to change much to many in the recent Apologies to Dr. Timothy Leary blog post, second paragraph in the Dr. Timothy Leary section, having noticed before, but not getting around to editing it), until I heard Labour’s Alan Johnson discussing it on a recent This Week (14/07/2016).

Rachel Sylvester, Times Journalist

Johnson said Leadsom’s interviewer, The Times’s Rachel Sylvester, had a fearsome reputation, and he’d been warned to watch his step when he was interviewed by her, as she always went for front page news. I don’t know if Sylvester tried to get Leadsom to say something sensational, but it did end up on the front page, and decided the next Prime Minister.

My connection to it is that; and this is real, not a greenYgreyesque combination of Rachel Riley, my favourite mathematician, and Sylvester, my favourite cartoon cat; Rachel Sylvester was one of my journalist interviewees for my PhD thesis in 2005, when she was working for The Telegraph.

I doubt if I had much influence on Sylvester’s interviewing style, but probably more than all the people; unprofessional in politics, media and humanities; I’ve known personally who’ve thought they played a big part in my writing.

My PhD thesis is available on Amazon for a very high price, but I have other books on there for reasonable amounts, and two of my latest books are free to download on Smashwords for most readers until the end of July, 2016.