Defenders of Wildlife… and Humanity

Defenders of Wildlife have a triple your donation special at the moment, last day today. I don’t know how it works really, and to me it looks as if it’s money they’ve already got, or the Board of Directors and National Council at least, who might/must be wealthy individuals pledging their own money for a good cause, in this especially dangerous time for wolves? I make that greenYgrey point as a long-term supporter, and witness to the immense good they’ve done in defending American and world wildlife.

One thing I am sure of, is that they’ve used a cute greenYgreying photo to advertise it:

Donate today and your gift will be matched!

The U.K. may be leaving Europe, but I think we should be emulating it and North America about conservation and forestation. Hopefully we’ll care more about it if we feel it belongs to us… our own garden, filling our sight with wonder, and our lungs with clean air.

While only food and drink can fill our bellies, our spirits can be lifted in many ways; one of the oldest ways is the natural world around us, and the animals that share most of our internal and external properties and personalities.

Defenders of Wildlife appeal.


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