After Brexit Referendum: Best British Way to Travel Europe

With the pound plummeting, my first post-university book, a memoir of European travel, The Guns N’ Roses Worker-Traveller, and my last, a fantasy European travel, XaW Files, are possibly the best ways for British people to travel Europe after they voted to leave the EU in yesterday’s referendum.

Just a little ironic parody above, with a hint of truth, after the pound has indeed plummeted, but will probably start rising again pretty soon, like the markets. I think the best way to travel is to do it yourself, but it is also good to do it viscerally occasionally.

U.K. and Europe Future

I hope the vote works out in all the good ways, inspiring British people to be proud of their country, and feel they want to work for it, like I thought countries like Cuba, Norway, and those in the Baltic seem to do when I travelled through them. I hope Britain’s desire to be like the Baltic states doesn’t negatively impact them!

I hope it doesn’t result in a backwards step, to a Victorian style divided society, with an even bigger gap between rich and poor, and a return to animal cruelty sports; a horrifying example was on the news yesterday, with live fox cubs being thrown into packs of hounds to teach the dogs to kill.

The EU is supposed to have helped the UK environment, but millions more people is obviously going to impact it. However, the right-wing generally seem to just want the environment to kill animals and make a little more money doing it. Or build golf courses and wreck the environment,  like Donald Trump ruining scientifically important sand dunes in Aberdeenshire, where there will be protests when he lands there today.

Sorry to any golfers, and I support your sport generally, although I don’t have much interest in it, but have enjoyed the last few holes of a major tournament occasionally, and admire the mixture of power and precision needed to play it well.

U.K. has Rejected Islam and Multiculturalism, not Europe

I think the U.K. has mostly voted leave because of the seemingly uncontrollable immigration from outside Europe, and the social problems and security risks they’ve caused. Brussels corruption and a feeling of losing control of our country were probably the next most important factors.

While Europeans cause problems too, they are usually the same problems as British people: drinking, fighting, robberies etc. They haven’t groomed British children on an industrial scale, or threatened to fly their flags from Buckingham Palace, after trying to behead British soldiers.

I know it’s a minority that have done that, but a sizeable minority, or a majority, have been trying to raise their culture to the hegemonic leader in the country, filling the vacuum left by Christianity, with mosques dominating city skylines as physical symbols.

Better For Women?

Yesterday’s news contained a feature about the first Muslim woman to receive a court order against her own family to prevent them forcing Female Genital Mutilation on her.

When I started the greenYgrey I was campaigning for such women, but have received loads of negativity from them, and other women, as if I’m trying to tell them what to do, rather than trying to help them, as the women campaigning to wear veils etc make out.

So I’ll leave their campaign for liberation to themselves, those who want it, and concentrate on myself and my future; because a lot of them are way ahead of me now, like Nadiya, Bake Off champion, and poster-girl of multicultural Britain.

While I think there is a place for nice talented women like Nadiya in Britain, and the celebrity circuit, this morning I saw a reminder of greenYgrey fashion, and to me a much more inspirational woman, as her success is over decades in the tough music and fashion industries.

Looking a fit and healthy golden brown in a stunning Y outfit, it’s Posh Spice Victoria Beckham, reminding me she inspired one of my greenYgreyesque epithets for myself: Posh Chav! I hope British women have the freedom to be and look like Posh Spice (Spice Girls) forever!!

She is helped by being very wealthy too, and I know her wardrobe is outside the price range for most women. My book is well inside everybody’s price range, and especially on Kindle, where it’s free for Amazon Prime customers!!

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and all great big bookshops.


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