Sexism only Sex Here, M might have been a Mole too

In addition to this week’s serial about my PhD time, the fact that one student was sleeping with the Head of Department doesn’t necessarily mean that I was wrong about who the student mole was. M could have been a mole as well, but never revealed. Ironically, it was M that noticed the engagement ring. I think that proves she wasn’t part of a mole team, but doesn’t omit the possibility that they were rival moles.

Europe Question Example

They were from different southern European countries, where there were few academic jobs, and both got academic jobs soon after graduating, unlike me and the two other British students as far as I know, who all left academia for less glamorous futures: one was a wealthy housewife.

The two southern European students were probably better academic candidates for multicultural Britain: more driven, professional, respectful, polite and global.

Academia sees itself as a global profession anyway, kind of like football or other rich sports, with league tables etc. Could I have been a good academic? Maybe in some ways, teaching cool things, like the Robin Williams character in Good Will Hunting, but a lot of the lecturers seemed disillusioned with modern competitive academia anyway, saying it isn’t like that.

With more and more fee paying students, paying more and more, perhaps posher and posher, demanding value for money, I imagine it could be a nightmare. I did see something about top universities being forced to accept more poorer students, so that seemed a good sign. But like Jo Cox and me, they will probably feel resented and bullied for invading elite society’s dominion!

At the time, feeling undercut by foreign students, I dearly wanted independence for the U.K.: for it to be a kind of Cuba or Norway. My feelings have become more greenYgrey since, mostly because of some of the wonderful people I’ve seen and met in Europe on my travels, which have mostly been European women, but also some men, and a wonderful Nigerian woman in Barcelona. They were all platonic meetings.

For me, if I stay in the will probably be better if we leave Europe, and if I leave the will be better it we stay. However, I’ve always tried to also look for the best for Britain as a whole, and then Europe and the world. I really don’t know what’s going to be best, and probably a bit of both is the best, greenYgrey style: maybe in a better run and less corrupt Europe, if it can be changed.

I think most British people want security and protection for their lives and livelihoods, and welcome immigrants who are going to like the country, and contribute to it, working in jobs where people are needed. It’s when it becomes a question of too much for the system to handle, or people losing jobs or wage levels that immigration becomes a problem. However, some businesses and politicians say our quality of life will drop if we leave.

Office War Dedication

Recollecting all this, I remembered another example of the groomed student’s ambition this morning, in my hypnagogic state between sleep and awakening. I’m sorry if that sounds weird, but I consider my biggest talent now thinking and writing, so that’s what I do. It’s no different to comedians using life material for their acts.

Becoming a self-proclaimed genius and joint-third best philosopher of all time takes dedication, as I remember Roy Castle telling me it takes dedication to be a record breaker via the T.V. I’ve just seen he was a great (West)Yorkshireman, like the chip shop.

I would rather wake to a beautiful  woman, but she would probably get in the way of my thoughts and writing, and that is the path I’ve been on for the last decade. I may be a self-proclaimed genius, but I can’t multitask – which is apparently a female trait.

Anyway, I have digressed. What I remembered was that the groomed-engaged student told me, believe it or not, that her tutor had more power than mine (mine was a male too, and I think was head of research at the time). The groomed student also had an office war over shelf space with a female student of my tutor. Their shared office only lasted a few days.

Women Worst Thing about Feminism

Women are the worst thing about feminism. They are also the best of course, but for a man trying to be a feminist with a small f, women can be the biggest obstacle.

In the student computer room I had one cupboard, and a female foreign student asked if she could leave her key with me when she went home for a few months. There were only four cupboards then, and when two of the other women (M and the British housewife) found out, they made out I was being selfish, and demanded the second key and cupboard. So I had to take the foreign student’s stuff over to the main office, and return the key.

Then, a few months later, when I returned to the student computer room to empty my cupboard, about the time I found out about the engagement, I also saw loads of files all across the cupboards, with more cupboards there by then. I asked who’s they were, and they said the engaged student, who’d moved in there wholesale after leaving the shared office. None of the women seemed to object; not when I was there anyway.

In my day-job; which my colleagues still seem to refuse to believe has always been secondary to my writing, even though I am now officially on the minimum wage, and academia is probably double the money of the day-job managers, as it requires a lot more qualifications, although I still think my day-job colleagues do a great job a lot of the time for not a lot of money, with probably the same pressures as investment bankers, who probably earn ten times as much; a good example of how women make me want to give up feminism with a small f was when the women’s world cup was on.

I was trying to take women’s football seriously, seriously, and was glad that the England team did well, beating Germany for third place. But then in work the next day, Dastardly said it showed women are better than men. She didn’t seem to have worked into the equation that the England women’s team were playing German women, and not German men!

However, that wasn’t as bad as phoning me up and dragging me away from my writing to work extra shifts, and then claiming it was because I fancied them! Or advising me to travel through their areas, and then claiming it was because of them – Dastardly!!

Women are the Best

Men are generally worse though, and usually do sneaky things like that to get sex, rather than claim men are sexually interested in them. Male managers like Muttley, and tutors like Dobbin, also make out they are the great protectors, when really they are just after the rewards.

Like Russell Brand, in the end their sexual motives become apparent, and spoil their reputations. That’s why I’m happy to be celibate, hoping it maximises my message, and totally resent those trying to cloud it with false claims of sexual interest.

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