Happy Summer Solstice Daft Punk Inspiration

I watched a Daft Punk documentary recently, and saw how they invested most of their Coachella payment (about $300,000) into designing an amazing stage show for that gig, thus reinventing themselves after a period of stagnation, while also winning new fans from the rock fraternity, some of whom ‘got’ for the first time the dance music buzz. (relevant snippet on YouTube).

Dance and Rock Music

That reminded me of my discovery of dance music over twenty years ago. Since then, the two musical genres have sometimes been mixed together to great effect, with Pendulum a good example. Rammstein also include a little dance music in their mainly rock set, and a lot of synths.

Anyway, the day after watching the Daft Punk documentary I invested about £3 in the Riga marathon photo that is my new gravatar. Like Daft Punk looked mostly interested in their music and art, my writing and its mission is what is most of interest to me, and I will reinvest any money made back into it, or give it to relevant charities if it makes anything, and looks like it’s making any difference.

Filters of Disinformation

At the moment, the filters my work passes through seem to be fudging or f***ing up the intended message, which is one of trying to create a better society, or at least maintain the one we’ve got.

Since New Labour’s multicultural emphasis, and the rise of Islamism, any white working-class male’s message is distorted as soon as he speaks, filtered first of all through race and religion, rather than class, gender or free speech liberalism.

I’m basically the same working-class socialist I was in the 1980s, with my PhD thesis in 2005 full of criticisms of British empire and superiority propaganda. However, when I saw the rise of Islamism under the banner of multiculturalism, and started criticising New Labour propaganda, and Islamic male superiority, I was dubbed racist or Islamophobic!

Benjamin Zephaniah can get away with a career of criticising the white establishment, but I get drummed out of polite society for a few years of criticising the multicultural establishment!!

Where is Dobbin Braun? (reminding me of a Catherine Tate ‘Gran’ sketch)

I was more critical of the Germans than ‘multiculturals’ when I started my PhD, comparing the chief harasser mentioned in my last post to Herr Flick in ‘Allo ‘Allo: joking that he might be the son of Eva Braun, with his name quite similar. The way his ‘secretary’ turned out to be similar to Herr Flick’s devoted one is eerie.

And the way things are going in Britain and Europe, with the rise of the far-right, and rise in anti-Semitism, I think I was also closer to the mark than I even thought myself. The groomed student has been a staunch Islamist, which is the populist thing in academia. British universities boycotted Israel because one student was supposed to have been discriminated against, but they seemed to sadistically love discriminating against me.

I used to criticise the Germans because I grew up on World War Two comics, books and films, as covered a little in XaW Files, but as seen by the lovely men (in a heterosexual way) of Kadavar and Rammstein, Germany is a mostly different place today; or at least it was until out-of-control mass immigration.

However, any anti-Germanyism is now seen as Jewish rather than British, for me anyway, so I have become a big Germanyphile now, partly to keep the anti-semites at bay, in the left as well as right, as seen by the Labour scandal this year; or at least to counter their demonising propaganda.

Anyway, the point I was making was that my chief harasser seems to have disappeared from public view since leaving the department a couple of years after me. Since then, his groomed student has gone on to great things, so I wonder if he is doing half the work, staying in the background, still controlling her mind like he seems to have done in the department; again thinking back, she once returned to the student computer room excitedly telling us how he’d fooled all his lecture class with some propaganda (he is an expert on political persuasion and public relations).

Could he have been an MI5 agent, with universities supposed to be full of them. I don’t want to blow his cover if he is/was, as long as they are trying to protect the country, and not protect paedophile rings and sexist groomers like some claim, and that are being investigated at the moment by the Goddard Enquiry.

I also want to make it clear that I am not trying to unfairly accuse anyone. All the above is true, and all I know. I would still like answers, and closure, over a decade after leaving the department and university: I think the lecturers and students liked to think I’d been ‘scared’ out by their bullying and harassment; the only chav postgraduate run out of their elitist multicultural world; when in fact I was just leaving to write my own thing, disgusted rather than scared, and run endurance events inspired by Jane Tomlinson and Paula Radcliffe… in average times.

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