Nietzsche Would have given Crap Customer Service

I can’t blame most people for not seeing beyond the stereotypical chav, as most will have seen me out and drunk, where I probably did often look like Frank from the Shameless series, a middle-age drunk who didn’t care about anything.

Always a Negative for Double Negatives

But then I sober up and stay in, partly to avoid being seen drunk, and partly for my running and body, and people call me a weirdo for not socialising!

When I controlled my lifelong asthma with running the feedback I got was that I never had asthma; when I controlled drinking for my body and brain first; society second; the feedback I got was that I never had a drink problem; when I control my womanising, or attempts at womanising, the feedback I get is that I’m gay!

There’s a development in my writing here, as I’m upgrading Negatives to Double Negatives. Yes, one Negative isn’t good enough for them, and I think they deserve Double Negative statues. For a chav doctor like me, there’s always a double negative, which is one reason why I pour scorn on those who complain about other types of prejudice, and members of whom I often feel being prejudiced against me.

The most common example of the Double Negative, which predates me, but I haven’t heard it called the Double Negative before, in line with my self-proclaimed genius status (which is only limited to staying in joint-third place with Nietzsche behind Buddha and Socrates), which simply adds new layers to old knowledge.

Day-Job Dilemma

Then there’s my day-job, which I’ve never tried to fully learn, happy to provide customer service in line with my role, and not wanting to encourage the customers too much, because I don’t consider it ethical, and the customers (and other staff) might blame me, or call me a Jew for trying to get along in a money job; that’s customers in general, not just in the shop I’m in now.

So, after twenty years of doing the basics and not trying to further myself, those who have reached the heady heights of shop manager, or duty shop manager, consider themselves better than me.

The same was true in school, where my less scholarly friends later claimed superior intelligence, because they passed more exams than me, after I didn’t attend most of them, after rebelling against the school system; partly to be in the cool crowd like them!

I don’t mind my work colleagues thinking they’re better than me at the job; because they are, either naturally or learned over their trained careers; it’s when they think they’re inherently better than me that I object.

Most of what I say goes over their heads, while I can usually detect managers like Muttley’s demonising from the attitudes and words of their underlings, in line with my 3-D(imensional) communications – which is down to my brain, not anything supernatural!

My Brain is Special (Needs)

Because I’m not in line with my stereotype, and most people haven’t seen other muscle-bound (not that I’m that muscly any more) creative thinkers like Henry Rollins and some of Rammstein; the Double Negatives will probably put their mention down to homosexuality; they put any thought processes I have that are beyond them down to weirdness or supernaturalism.

I am not where I am because of special help from society or the establishment, I am where I am because of Britain’s class system, and New Labour’s multicultural fascism, which spoilt my academic career; along with my drinking, and trying to remain part of the ethical counter-culture, which I found was mostly full of fakes and hypocrites amongst my ‘friends’; and a couple of my tutors caring more about grooming my colleague/competitor than being balanced and fair.

If I could remember things other people couldn’t, which I think is explained by hyperthesmia; (not that I can remember everything; what usually amazes people is that I can remember seemingly unimportant conversations, things they’ve said and long forgotten) they thought I must be keeping records on them, because they didn’t believe I could think better than them in some ways. The same was true for my academic specialties. Even though I’d been in the humanities – history – current affairs fields for ten years, and none of them had, they still thought they knew more than me about them  – like Russell Brand reading a bit of Chomsky and being hailed a revolutionary hero, because he looks/sounds the part!

My Book is Brilliant

I reached my book ambitions by finishing off the greenYgrey trilogy last/this year, and I think it’s a masterpiece. Whether you or other people do is up to you, and down to subjectivity. Sales don’t matter to its quality, like in music, where a simple commercial pop song will sell better than a complicated underground classic.

As I write in the book, Nietzsche lost his academic job because he criticised religion, and then went mad after about ten years of deep thinking. I think I reached that point with XaW Files, and don’t want to go that far beyond humanity. That’s my limitations for writing and philosophy.

Thomas Paine had to leave Britain, while Socrates was executed in ancient Greece. I don’t want to revolutionise Blighty like Russell Brand; only evolutionise it; yet I seem to be more persecuted than him. Maybe that’s because I am more of a revolutionary man than him: trying to treat women with respect as equals, rather than treating them as subordinate groupies… like some of my academic tutors and work managers do too.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and all great big bookshops.


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