Most British Ironically Comedy Deficient

I won’t mention the British band, as I don’t want to ruin their American career, but they joked about having to explain to their American crowd that a song was ironic, in line with the general British belief that they get irony, while the Americans don’t.

I haven’t met anybody in Britain that has got all the irony in this blog, and most people haven’t noticed any at all, taking it all at face value: me being a werewolf etc.

Most British people can’t see beyond my chavism, and would rather believe that I’m a witchcraft werewolf than an intelligent in some ways Doctor of Philosophy. And that’s as much amongst the ‘nice multicultural left’ as the ‘snooty elitist right’!

I’ve tried to explain it as much as possible lately, and in my book, but it’s still beyond most of humanity!!

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and all great big bookshops.


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