Sales Marketing Inspired by D.I.Y. Punk

If people who knew Black Sabbath and many American bands were playing at Download were asked who I saw do the best sales – marketing over the weekend, I guess they’d probably say Sharon Osbourne, or one of the Hollywood groups.

However, it was in fact The Men Who Will Be Blamed For Nothing, who were the only band I saw selling their CDs and merchandise after their show. They described themselves as a D.I.Y. punk band, and thanked the crowd for supporting a new British band.

They seemed genuine, and the crowd certainly thought so, with the band soon selling out of their CDs after the gig.

I also chose to go the independent D.I.Y. way, and that’s why I think I’m entitled to publicise my books without being called a Jew capitalist by the ‘left counter-culture’; the type of people who seemed to be lapping up the TMWWBBFN sales pitch.

I expect to be called a Jew by the right-wing, although they love money and materialism much more than me – disguised by some as working for the community/country! Commiserations to Jo Cox’s family and friends. While a man did the hideous deed, I think the real cause is the rise of Islamism, and out-of-control immigration, as it was for Breivik’s atrocities in Norway. However, the Left will blame the rise of Islamism and immigration on the West and wars such as Iraq, so it’s an argument that never ends, and I can’t be bothered writing about it nearly twenty years after first warning about it… and being persecuted for warning about it!

This blog post isn’t a criticism of TMWWBBFN; who I liked for the music, comedy and message; just a criticism of the hypocrisy of some on the left, who consider themselves great anti-capitalists, while either being capitalists themselves when it suits them, or buying into leftist capitalism.

While TMWWBBFN are better at creating music than me, and may become better writers in the future, at the moment I think my books are better than anything literary of theirs; not that I’m being competitive, just copying their sales – marketing!

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and all great big bookshops.


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