Download Thanks – gYg of the Year

On behalf of Download rock music and heavy metal festival, all my support acts and all the great greenYgreylien true rock fans I’d like to give thanks to myself for attending this year’s Download festival last week.

Comedy Parody to Dystopian Writing

That’s the ironic parody over with, and in reality I felt humbled by all the great songwriting, instrument playing, professionalism and showmanship on offer. I remember that my dystopian creative writing was most influenced by rock bands, and one of them was appearing there: Megadeth, whose new album is called Dystopia.

While I’ve never really had a calling to learn an instrument or write music, I hope my writing can compare to the greats such as Dave Mustaine.

Download Highlights

I thought all the bands I saw were as good as I thought they’d be, with Black Sabbath the main attraction, and their excellent 46 years career-spanning show as wonderful as imagined. Saxon were the ones that most exceeded expectations, playing a raucous set that took me back to my first concert – watching them 35 years ago this year.

I expected a spectacular Rammstein show, but it was even better than I envisaged – how their pyrotechnics pass safety checks I don’t know, not that I’m complaining.

Iron Maiden also provided a big headlining performance, while Ginger’s Wildhearts put on a great partying performance. The Gutterdammerung movie mixed with live band was an interesting and entertaining concept, and good to see Henry Rollins starring.

There were also many great performances by new bands, with The Temperance Movement and Halestorm using the main stage to great effect. On the minor stages, Kadavar, the Amorettes and The Men That Will Be Blamed For Nothing were particularly memorable, but all I saw provided great music that would no doubt have provided a great headlining show of their own in a smaller night-time setting.

Download Weather

It was unfortunately a truly greenygrey weekend, mixing old fashioned dull wet greenygrey weather with rebranded sunny through grey sky greenYgrey weather. At least it missed the lightning storms either side of it, which might have injured people and caused the festival’s cancellation, as happened at Rock am Ring the previous week, for the second year running.

The festival weekend also coincided with the tragic events at the Pulse club in Florida, and commiserations to the victims and their families/friends.

Probably nobody wanted a dry sunny festival more than me; for daily enjoyment, and nightly comfort with a makeshift salvaged not-very-waterproof tent; which shows that I am not in control of the ‘greenYgrey’, which has left the human world in my creative writing.

I am just an observer who noticed greenYgreyness, which was much easier than, say, predicting gravitiational waves like Einstein did.

Download Joins gYg Gig of the Year List

I’m happy that Download being this year’s gYg gig of the year means that many bands will join the gYg roll of honour. Sorry to those bands appearing at Download I didn’t see, if you care at all, which you probably don’t!?

I attended the main arena from start to finish on all three days, watching who I most wanted, with few gaps between bands on any day. That was the best part about being a lone camper. It would have been more enjoyable in other ways to have been more social, but I probably wouldn’t have seen as many bands then.

You can’t have everything/get what you want (latter a la Rolling Stones), in line with greenYgrey philosophy – like life, a la independent travelling lifestyle or homely family life – neither is always better or preferential, and probably provide highs and lows of different types, which suit different types of personalities… perhaps at different times of an individual’s life, providing a rich set of factors and variables for a trained researcher like me, and beyond amateur researchers like most of those that seem to try and research me!

Updated gYg List

Enough rambling, and here’s the updated gYg of the Year list:

  • 2009: Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • 2010: Guns N’ Roses and Skid Row
  • 2011: Motley Crue, Def Leppard and Steel Panther
  • 2012: W.A.S.P.
  • 2013: Alice in Chains, Ghost and Walking Papers
  • 2014: The Pretty RecklessHeaven’s Basement and Nothing More
  • 2015: Motley Crue, Alice Cooper and The One Hundred
  • 2016: Black Sabbath, Rammstein, Saxon, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, The Wildhearts, Halestorm, The Temperance Movement, Kadavar, the Gutterdammerung band and movie, The Electric Wizard, Rival Sons, Sixx A.M., The Amorettes, The Men That Will Be Blamed For Nothing, Avatar, Monster Truck, Whiskey Myers, Grand Magus, Scorpion Child, Inglorious, Royal Republic, Santa Cruz, Deftones, Strange Bones, Graveyard, Tremonti and Gojira.

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