When Students Rioted about Paedophilia

When I heard in 2011 that Penn State students were rioting because a coach (Jerry Sandusky) had been arrested for paedophilia and there’d been a cover-up, I thought they were angry that it had been allowed to go on. I was surprised to learn that it was in fact because he’d been arrested!

That’s what one tweet also thought: “The students at penn state should [be] rioting over children losing innocence….not coaches losing jobs!” said one tweet.

It reminded me of my situation in the ICS, and after it, when I protested against a couple of lecturers who seemed to have been in a grooming contest over one of their students, who also became their secretaries. The students and tutors seemed to close ranks around them, supporting them and the department against me, one of their fellow students.

The same was true in the BBC and other organisations, that hid their groomers and paedophiles; presumably partly to protect their jobs, and partly to protect their group identities. The same is true on a grander scale with regions, countries, and cultures (such as religious).

Women can be just as bad as men, and persecute you if you don’t act like they want you to do: chasing them with money and compliments. While men are usually the main culprits, they often have women accomplices, who sometimes value the men above their own children.

Now, with ‘multiculturalism’, we have new cultures in Europe that are even more institutionally sexist and sexual towards ‘children’, so the outlook only looks worse. The ‘counter-culture’ supports this, making ‘white against black racism’ more important than all the other prejudices put together, as New Labour did.

They attack mainstream culture while supporting much worse on the ‘dark web’, such as the white British Christian arrested for horrific child abuse in Malaysia, and sentenced yesterday.

They seem to think that open borders are more important than women and children’s safety, the same as they think their university education and careers are more important than their tutors behaving ethically.

Maybe they see it as no different to advances in technology, where the benefits outweigh the negatives, and while there are always victims there are more who benefit.

I know this blog has probably become too greenYgrey to make sense to those who only want to read what they already think.


One thought on “When Students Rioted about Paedophilia

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