Robin Hood’s Bay Travel History Article

I’ve got a new travel and history article on the TravelThruHistory website. It was inspired by the Downhill film about four childhood friends reuniting in middle-age to undertake the 190 miles Coast to Coast hike from Saint Bees in Cumbria on the north-west of England to Robin Hood’s Bay in Yorkshire on the north-east.

My personal angle for the article, following the movie’s introduction, and complementing the regional history, is that I’ve walked either side of Robin Hood’s Bay on the coastal path, which forms part of the Cleveland Way 109 miles trek. I’ve also regularly walked and travelled over parts of the inland Coast to Coast route, including the Three Peaks in the Yorkshire Dales, and the Leeds-Settle-Carlisle railway journey, which travels east-west from Yorkshire to Cumbria.

robin-hood-and-scarborough-2011-075 101_3985 101_3957 101_3960101_3991101_3997



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