Lovren and Ronaldo Star in Europe

There are few current footballers featured in my recently published XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, but two of them starred in Europe this week. If you have no interest in coincidences and jinxes, as I don’t really, you might want to skip this blog, and read something more twenty-first-century scientific!

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Dejan Lovren Inspired by Love

Last night, Dejan Lovren scored an injury-time winner as Liverpool beat Borussia Dortmund 3-2, and the tie 4-3 on aggregate. Liverpool were going out on the away goals rule before that goal, after only scoring one goal in Germany.

Lovren appeared in XaW Files as wordplay with Love the mixed-up vole, as the ramble passed through Croatia. Last season, Lovren missed a penalty that put Liverpool out of Europe.

Ronaldo Great as Ever

Earlier in the week, Ronaldo scored a hat-trick for Real Madrid as they overturned a 0-2 first-leg deficit to win the tie 3-2 on aggregate. For most players that would have been a fairytale, but for Ronaldo it is standard fare, as he is so professional, and makes the most of his natural talent with rigorous training.

Real Madrid did beat Wolfsburg, who were also mentioned in XaW Files, which if anything shows that events can be interpreted positively or negatively, depending who is looking at them, and how they frame them.

Barcelona weren’t featured in the book much, but have been mentioned here before, as I went to see them in 2013. They were unlucky to lose and go out at Athletico Madrid, but had been lucky to win the first leg in the Nou Camp, where I saw them. I also went to watch Sparta Prague in 1991, and they went out last night, but the quarter-finals are probably what they would expect to reach.

Writing and Thought not Football and Celebrity

Leeds United and Bayern Munich are also featured in XaW Files, and both won in midweek.

I’m not writing that all the above happened because they were in the book, I’m just writing that those good things happened to counter all the jinxy conspiracy theorists.

I’m also sorry if it makes me less of a Leeds United fan after 46 years support, and moving to the city over twenty years ago, but I’m bored of the same stupid tests and reasons to not believe me. If Leeds United was doing well I could tolerate it more, and when I say Why else would I be here? it just angers those who think Leeds and Yorkshire is the best place in the world for everything! I think there are many other good and great things about Leeds and Yorkshire, but nothing that can’t be found in other places.

Unfortunately, that’s how this blog seems to be going, just answering the silliness of ‘masstakes’, rather than being part of a new enlightened Blighty or world. Maybe my biggest ‘masstake’ was thinking the masses worthy of supporting and my writing.

Walkers Conspiracy!

The craziness of the modern anarchic media seemed to be epitomised a little while ago, when I looked for a Walkers crisps advert because it looked greenYgrey, and finding it was put on YouTube to claim the advert is part of a CERN propaganda conspiracy because it features the Higgs Boson; which is looking for scientific evidence of how life was created; and Gary Linker doing an ok hand gesture, which I found out from this can be interpreted as a devil-worshipping symbol!

One of the original or early objectives of the greenYgrey was to show how it could be seen as ubiquitous, like a God placebo. Looks like were (sic) now being incorporated into that God conspiracy!


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