My Hate is Real, My Writing the Release, Welcome back Guns N’ Roses

A lot of people think that when people talk about hate they mean love, or that the person means something to them. That might be especially true for a writer, who speaks in metaphors and wordplay.

That’s not true for me.

There’s so many things about humanity I hate, and quite a lot of humans. But I just try and avoid and ignore them, and release it through my writing. I don’t think I need my writing any more even, just to accept the world is the way it is.

The sadistic psychopaths want you to hate them, because they hate you. They want to believe that they are making you feel bad; bad enough to inspire their hate. They don’t want you to be in a good mood, and if they can get you to go even further, and get into trouble, well, that’s the jackpot for them.

They’ll do things to the things you like, or control people close to you to continue their hunt, so that’s why it’s best under those circumstances to have no emotions; nothing you especially like in life; nothing living anyway; or of special significance.

I also have a lot of love and liking for humanity and life in the world, and try and exhibit that in my writing too, such as with my wordplay star Love the mixed-up vole in XaW Files: Beyond Humanity.

The same’s true in the animal world, and you have to go down the food chain to the prey herbivore animals to find usually nice behaviour the way it sounds under a good ‘god’. Even there there’s some nasty things going on, all the way down to plants, with some able to control insects from the inside: to spread their seeds.

The humans that try and make out they’re something different, a special animal created by a ‘god’, are often the ones that act the most ‘animalistic’: either in war, ritual or controlling society (the pride, pack etc) for their own benefit.

So, as an animal welfare advocate agnostic bordering on atheism I really shouldn’t be surprised or disappointed that humanity universally still acts in a similar way to the animal world: just the most intelligent animal, rather than revealing itself as a special creation separate from all the other life on Earth.

Over five years after I started publishing my story of highs, lows and in-betweens in The Guns N’ Roses Worker Traveller, it’s great to see most of the original Guns N’ Roses back on tour:


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