Nothing Personal, Unless I Know You

The people in work under Dastardly and Muttley’s spell have probably been trying to find a koala to kill in the last couple of days, or at least find something with koala fur in it, to rub my big Jewish-looking nose in it (that’s me showing I don’t care about it, rather than me being self-conscious).

They wonder why I work there, like the question I got asked the most at university (in my country) was Why are you here?

I left the university partly for ethical reasons, work for little money for a cause and vocation I believe in, and the more I sacrifice myself the more I get demonised by the people I am/was trying to help.

Those students I knew who followed the money path still think they are great counter-culturalists, as long as they go to a festival a year, and blame everything on the ‘Zionists’!

Wonders of Work Bullying and Harassment

I don’t work with Dastardly and Muttley any more, but they still try and control my life and image in work, by persuading those I work with – people I’ve seen and heard them deride and stab in the back before.

If highly paid people wonder why people go to join I.S. or whatever they should work in a low-paid job. Although it’s probably even more bitchy and cut-throat the higher you go, at least you’re getting enough money and prestige there to make it worthwhile!

I didn’t want to return into shop work, but it was convenient for my writing. I didn’t request to work in the marketplace I do now, or the shop I work in now, but they all think it’s some kind of conspiracy – I don’t mind working there generally, and the biggest downside is all the negativity built on untrue assumptions, crap research and conclusions reached to fit with their own egos and agendas – with Muttley at the heart of it – he thinks he’s some kind of work godfather figure, when he just looks like nothing to me.

Although I cut all social media contact with my workmates, and don’t socialise with them, some (D + M probably!) still read these blogs, and they are still the biggest reactions I receive to them. They think it’s all for them (and this one mostly is), when I don’t have much interest in them at all; and don’t think they are worth ‘persuading’ about anything in the grand scheme of things. The people in my shop are alright, but I still hear them speaking Muttleyisms.

He’s been stalking me in my new shop since hearing I was being moved from his. He thinks he’s so all powerful, and I’m so under his control, that he didn’t even try to hide it from me; phoning my new shop to see what P and Y (nice people) thought of me going down there. He’s been trying to turn the people in the shop against me ever since: keeping me under his sadistic power and control.

Dastardly and Muttley try and make out my dislike for them is anything but personal, claiming anything that we don’t share is the reason, when it is all personal – I don’t like their sadistic psychopathic personalities, and particularly in relation to their treatment of me.

Nothing Personal

While people I know try and look for any reason other than the personal for why I don’t like them, if I criticise a celebrity they then try and make it personal!

When I was criticising Russell Brand I received feedback that I was jealous of him being with Katy Perry. No, that wasn’t it at all. I feel like criticising Vernon Kay for his treatment of Tess Daly, and that would be personal. But with Brand it was political, and academic.

While I’d studied for a decade and led an ethical writing career, unqualified Russell Brand was made into an instant philosopher, regurgitating theories I’d studied a decade before, and most of the liberal media and publishing elite didn’t seem to care that he had no personal ethics. And revolutionary readers didn’t seem to care he is a Hollywood millionaire!

I sometimes wonder, when feeling narcissistic, if Russell Brand was a stooge, created to mock everything I did, and show how facile the Revolutionary masses are?! That’s the way it looked to me, but then I’m joining the ranks of conspiracy theorists myself, just like him.

While Russell might look like the nice Brand, he didn’t care about thousands of girls being groomed, and there’d be thousands or millions more if his ‘revolution’ saw fruition.

Is there anybody out there who has followed my writing? My website seemed to have a lot of traffic, but this blog doesn’t, and my book sales are low. So was most of it random or created spam visitors? A lot of people seem to recognise me, but most of that is negative – just wanting me to look at them!

Am I being used by the British elites to show how they treat their own people worse than the international, as the department leaders seemed to be doing at university? Creating a problem and then making out they’re controlling it to help in their grooming endeavours, as Muttley does in work!?

Now Time for the Weather

To finish on a light and high note, the weather. Firstly, Leeds flooded over Christmas when I left the city for a short time. Was it the Yorkshire clouds crying, missing me?

Secondly, the weather was like a game of two halves yesterday. It was blue sky and sunshine in the morning when I went on a 15 miles run, even though the forecast was cloudy. The forecasted heavy showers didn’t arrive until the afternoon, less than an hour after I returned.

I was very ‘lucky’. The sun felt wonderful, and the Yorkshire countryside looked beautiful.

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