My Alphas and Me: Mindy in Kick-Ass 2

The way I see my relationship with most of my group alphas who’ve tried to control me, and take credit for everything I have done and achieved, particularly my writing, was summed up in a cheerleader audition scene in Kick-Ass 2 I watched last week:

Help as Long as Below

Some of them have been helpful, like Claudia-Lee is, but if they think you’re a threat to their position or popularity, and self-identity as the worthy pack leader, they then try and put you down, as C-L does to Mindy, playing a sadistic practical joke on her to put her back in her place.

I’m writing about my writing here, because that’s what I think I’m quite good at, like Mindy is at cheerleading. Other people might be better at other things, or maybe they’re just from a ‘higher class’, so they have tried to use me for their own image; all my positives are because of them, while all their negatives are because of me!

That’s one of the reasons I gave up my uni friends during the writing of XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, but then they stalked me into my day-job workplace, and got the people there thinking they were big influences! Nice male non-Leeds-natives graduates acting like a stereotypical street gang… followed by Dastardly and Muttley in work!

Groups, cliques and communities are almost unavoidable in human society, and a lot of the time they provide more positives than negatives. The leader who organises everything might be narcissist, but you want to go the party, so it’s worth putting up with the egos.

Most people just use the alphas as much as they are used anyway. Like the students who are the best rebel hippies in university, and then become the best materialist middle-class consumers straight afterwards. If you want to be successful in life that’s the way to live, but it’s a bit like always choosing the most successful sports teams to support: being a winner without any substance.

Humanity Pros and Cons

However, some get caught up in it, and have no exit strategy, such as the work-debt cycle, or gangs-drugs downward spiral.

As I’ve said before, I can’t tell you how to live your life. I can only advise from experience, and show from other media.

While I may seem strong writing this, and brave or stupid featuring that movie clip, I think I have often compromised or weakened myself during my life to play the game. Sometimes it was probably the right decision, sometimes maybe it wasn’t, greenYgrey style.

Maybe I still am doing, keeping the greenYgrey low-profile and not pushing it enough. Or maybe it’s time for a Mindy to take over, and I won’t be acting like Claudia-Lee, as long as it’s done earnestly.

I’m not trying to be a street superhero either, just a Doctor of Philosophy brewing his coffilosophy.

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