Mad as March Hair on April Fool’s Day

That’s a bit of wordplay in the title, as it’s supposed to be hare. I hope all the new wildlife are enjoying their first spring, remembering that animal welfare, conservation and environmentalism remain key concerns.

This isn’t an April Fool’s joke either, but it might be being written by an April Fool? I watched Ben Wheatley’s The Kill List for the first time recently, and it seemed to have a lot in common with my past fifteen years. It also reminded me of The Wicker Man. So, while I think I’m a bit of a new-age pagan, maybe I’ve just been made the Fool for a Day by elite society; if Blighty’s controlled by Freemasons like those depicted in From Hell.

Maybe it’s all coincidences, which is all I know for sure, although I do seem to be censored by the liberal elite, who tried to cover up all the child grooming going on in these fair isles. Maybe I’m turning into a David Icke conspiracy theorist, or I’ve been watching too many movies?

I also know it’s mad to call myself an April Fool, because many casual readers will think I am one… which I’m sure I will be at times, but at other times I hope to provide evidence towards my semi-humorous self-proclaimed genius claims.

H3: Humanities, Hair and Hairdressers

I wrote in the last blog about humanities and hair, and have since remembered that they are central to my explanation for why a decade of study is useful. By the way, the biggest question in female hair at the greenYgrey is which is the second best after long blonde hair: short blonde hair or long light brown with highlights.

The jury is still out on that one, and like all hair questions, it generally depends on the individual, with some hair of all kinds better than some hair of all other kinds depending on its conditioning etc.

I’m sorry if your hair doesn’t seem to qualify for one of my top awards, but mine is greying and balding, and I’ve learnt to live with it. I’m not calling for all men with better hair to cover theirs, or cut it all off.

Anyway, the more serious point I was going to make is that some people seem to resent the fact that I think I’m more expert than them in the humanities, media and current affairs. Most people think they know they know the humanities because they are a human, and what’s really going on in the world from their favourite point of view medium; watching some headline news, watching Fox News, David Icke conspiracies or reading Russell Brand’s Revolution (really historic Noam Chomsky news)!

The comparison I’d like to make is that I’ve been cutting my own hair for over a decade, and can usually do a decent job, although it might take a few days to find all the hair on the back, but I’m obviously not an expert hairdresser. I don’t know the technical terms, or how to cut other people’s hair, do a perm, attach extensions etc.

greenYgreyology Weather Growth

Writing of growth and greyness, I was thinking more about the my greenYgrey weather observations. I think the weather has been in line with my assertion that there are about five cloudy days to two sunny ones in an average seven days, over the year.

We even had a spell of high-pressure weather, and it was still nearly all cloudy and grey. Sunday the 20th was sunny in the morning, while Friday 25th was sunny most of the day. I was happy that that was Good Friday, so people on their Easter holidays could enjoy it.

While negatives might think I’m a doom-monger I’m in fact just reporting what I see. There’s hardly any sunshine in the weather forecast for the coming week either. The greenYgrey is in fact a positive spin on the usual description of just grey, as used by Emma Thompson recently. The greenYgrey acknowledges the weather is usually grey, but brings attention to the positive: that the wet weather creates good conditions for green life… and that there is some yellow sun sometimes.

To end on a self-parody high, it also creates ideal conditions to read great books:

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and all great big bookshops.


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