For the Ideal European State… of Mind

For those following the best peaceful path to where their mind feels at home… the real ‘counter-culture’ based on inward searching, abstract creation and outward understanding… care for life on Earth while accepting we are just a small speck of dust in the vastness of time and space infinity… am I at my destination now or still travelling? Maybe I reached the end of the long haul train ride, and now I’m on the country lanes in a mini-bus, seeing the lights go on as the sun sets, and dusk descends… a time of contemplation while still experiencing more Jimi… although the song remains the same Led Zep… and a mercedes just overtook us Janis…

For the older people: I have found enjoyment in running and writing, and that’s what I now recommend.
For the ‘youf’: I know I’m now old.


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