Sport Relief: Risking Competitive Men Gay Card and Unisex Selfish One

It’s Sport Relief weekend in Blighty, and the BBC is doing and looking good raising lots of money for charity. As a greenYgrey critical writer I feel I should make the observation that the BBC didn’t look good hiding Savile and Hall for decades, but maybe now it’s time to move on, after more than a year since the stories were revealed, and inquiries conducted (but with nobody up above found culpable!).

All Workplaces Have Bullying and Grooming Hierarchy?

In my experience, all workplaces have some men like Savile and Hall, and some women acting like men like Savile and Hall. It was true in the university and is in my day-job, and particularly my final uni department and previous workplace shop. Moreover, when you point that out, other tutors and workers close ranks, protecting the groomers, as BBC workers seem to have done with Savile and Hall: as if protecting the grooming culture they feel is their right, and a perk of the job.

They act as if it’s a victimless crime, and remembering greenYgreyism looking at all angles, some students and workers probably do use it to get ahead, and as long as they receive some reward they are happy to keep quiet. This kind of relationship is often only revealed when it falls apart, as in the case of Liberal politician Chris Huhne’s wife taking driving penalty points for him until he left her for another woman, and then she brought his career down.

However, some students and workers are totally preyed upon. I felt so disillusioned with university I was depressed. I have felt the same in the workplace since leaving university. Considering myself bipolar I think I can handle the downs, as I’m used to them. Others do not have such experience. A normal aged student killed herself while working in a shop I later worked in. I only found out about it because there was a caricature of her still in the staff area, and I asked about her: it would have been more eerie if she didn’t look in line with my ideal tastes. I don’t know what caused her to take her own life, but the longer I think about it, the more I think it was either caused by university or work, or a combination of the two, and a realisation of how horrible the ‘real world’ can look. Was there bullying and harassment, grooming and gratification involved? I don’t know, but I know I have felt similarly in both cultures.

As the BBC case shows, I don’t think it is to do with geographical region, and is instead a common factor in human cultures, with workplaces one of the worst breeding grounds. I thought university would be a further escape from ‘reality’, as travelling had been, but found that universities are more in line with the ‘real world’ than they looked in the 1960s to 1980s heydays; which was probably because they then enjoyed government funding, with good jobs for students almost guaranteed afterwards, so there was a more relaxed attitude. Now they have become more like competitive businesses.

Sport Relief

Anyway, I have digressed. I just wanted to say that I have been impressed with Harry Gration and Paul Hudson doing a three-legged charity walk around beautiful Yorkshire this week, and Eddie Izzard running 27 marathons in 27 days in amazing South Africa for Sport Relief.

I know there are people doing great events around Britain and the world, but those are the two that I have noticed. They are three middle-aged men like me, but the criticisms above mostly concern that demographic too, and have taken up much more of this blog post. I am different to them in still being poor, but would be the archetypal white middle-aged middle-class man hated by the ‘counter-culture’ if I did earn more; with Zionism thrown in to make me the absolute most hated, which is how the negatives try and depict me now anyway!!

Not all people of any demographic are bad, or good; or people totally good or bad; and that includes mine and me, although my sporting endurance charity focus was inspired by Jane Tomlinson in 2003. I am currently fundraising for her legacy charity, but today the focus in Blighty should be Sport Relief charity fundraising.

Sorry for all the negative rambling, and I think Blighty is a pretty good country, but it is the duty of writers, and especially trained critical writers, to try and make it even better.


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