X-Files Series ‘I Want to Believe’ Poster Mystery Explained

The X-Files series finished on Channel 5 in the U.K. last Monday night. While the X-Files mystery continues, a U.F.O. mystery I wondered about in a previous blog may have been solved.

I Want to Believe Poster

At the end of the third X-Files episode, which had a lot of common themes with the greenYgrey, such as a were being the goodie, and wanting to avoid conflict with humanity (by the way, the 4th episode seemed to be dedicated to Banksy, with a street art theme, so maybe they did dedicate 3 to greenYgrey, as it was once inspired by Banksy, and Banksy seemed to be inspired by old-fashioned greenygrey for last year’s dismaland theme park), I noticed there was a yellow U.F.O. hovering around the green and grey I Want to Believe poster:

Screenshot (43)

At the start of Episode 6, Dana Scully sat in front of the poster, and the yellow objects were on the poster again, but in different positions.

Screenshot (48)

Rewinding to when Scully entered the room, the objects viewed from the side suggest they are pencils.

Screenshot (49)

Taking narcissistic artistic licence, maybe it is the makers of X-Files requesting a greenYgrey 4 book? Especially as the poster follows a 3-headed lamp?

Probably not, but maybe that’s why Gillian Anderson was undecided about whether she’ll take part in any more X-Files series. Maybe they’re waiting for more inspiration from the greenYgrey or XaW world!

The ideal accompaniment to the new X-Files series:

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