Adverts Conjuring Coincidence for Comedy

This happy feel good National Lottery greenYgrey advert I saw today reminded me it was time to catch up with the latest in the greenYgrey advertising world.

greenYgrey Adverts

What’s the point of posting adverts here? It’s mainly light relief from the more serious writing, as media and literary publications have traditionally done so: like having cartoons in newspapers or light-hearted stories amongst the usual bad news.

It also has a more serious side, wondering if the adverts have used the colours and themes mostly consciously or unconsciously, and whether there might have been some influence from this website, or if it is just a coincidence. I don’t know the answer any more than you.

After watching the first advert below, I remembered that I will also use it to advertise my writing!

HSBC: Museum of Procrastination

This advert has double greenYgrey: subject and colours. Procrastination is a keyword in writing, with many writers expecting to spend a lot of time procrastinating while waiting for the muse to inspire.

‘Unfinished novels’ is one of the themes in the advert, and I noted a green lamp with yellow light within the mostly grey unfinished novels pulp pile. It is followed by the giant bin, which also looks very greenYgrey!

Ford: Unlearn

This advert also has a double greenYgrey of subject and colours. The unlearn message was probably inspired by study of semiotics, which shows how the meanings of signs, messages, clothes and behaviour are dependent on regional cultures.

At the greenYgrey our www emphasis was women, wolves and working-class, hoping to inspire their critics to unlearn them from the stereotype. Some www fit in with the stereotype, or all do some of the time, but it is not all they are, and they can be viewed positively or negatively depending on what factors you focus on.

The OAP is an OAP, and he will have a lot of the negative issues common with being a centurion, but he can also run longer distances than most people half his age. He therefore has positives too, and if we focus on that, then we may see OAPs in a more positive light.

Hewlett Packard: Accelerate

This last one just has lots of greenYgrey colours, with a lot of green and grey and a little yellow.

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