Women, Weather and Books Win-Wins and Win-Lose

When I started the greenygrey website a decade ago I also launched AAW-WOW (Adult Angelic Waifs – Women Of World), proclaiming support for women and a strict ethical sexuality. I have continued that throughout the greenygrey-greenYgrey years. Negatives such as grooming sexist men and women who’ve felt scorned have tried to deride it, calling me gay, or bringing ‘looking’ into the equation!

Win-Win Women

My dedication to women, and especially ones within my sexual taste continues. I was reminded of it by International Women’s Day falling within the week. The world has worsened for many women over the last decade, and my only regret is that I couldn’t do more to save them.

I have no regrets about taking that stance a decade ago, and consider it a win-win situation. The more I suffer from my isolation the more my martyrdom, and if I do find somebody I really want to be with, then it will have been worth the wait.

Win-Win Weather

In that way, my women situation mirrors the weather since I put forward that Blighty’s landscape is usually greenygrey, and then updated it to greenYgrey, including the sun shining through clouds, as it is beginning to do now funnily enough.

My unscientific calculation is that Blighty is cloudy about 5/7ths of the week on average. There are some days that are partially cloudy. A clear sunny day is probably about 1/7ths of the week on average, which does make them special when they happen.

I love the sunny clear days, and noticed Blighty’s greenygreyness because I always wanted sunny hot days. So now, post-greenygrey/greenYgrey it’s a win-win situation, instead of a usually losing situation, as I enjoy the sunny days when they happen, while the cloudy days support my hypothesis.

Win-Lose Books

However, I don’t have a win-win situation selling my books, as if I sell any it means paper being used, which is a lose for me. So, any books sold will always have a negative, but I plan to offset my carbon footprint, as I have been doing since launching the greenygrey/greenYgrey, so please don’t let it stop you buying them, if environmental concerns get in you way.

That’s another win-lose I feel creeping in, as I sounded to myself that I was trying to sell my books, negating my charity or causal message. It’s hard to keep my books and beliefs separate, and they are intertwined, with the books full of my philosophical thoughts.

I will add though, that I just try and sell my books, openly and ethically, at the cheapest price possible, unlikely to reach the Amazon royalty threshold, because I set the prices so low, wanting to write and entertain my readers making a difference, having been obstructed by academia (the grooming tutors?), rather than get rich (although making enough to go full-time would be nice, but seems less and less likely in the modern book market!).

A recent sale proves this:

Screenshot (44) Screenshot (45)


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