Writing for Humans… and Voles

With this website having a nice vegetarian werewolf theme I thought I’d better balance the last post’s wolf photo and poem with this great greenYgrey human photo from the Independent. Although my books are best sellers in the wolf world, sales are slow in the human, so I don’t want the humans out there feeling neglected (self-parody comedy). Thanks very much to those who have bought or rented the books.

Of Wolves, Humans and Voles

Humanist fundamentalists might argue that the photo below shares the humanity with voles, what with one of my favourite characters the one and only Love the mixed-up vole.

Moreover, there is the sun, which is made into a morphed heart shape by the loving embrace. Nearly in the middle of the photo, like my greenYgrey Y. It’s one of those special greenYgrey twilight times of day, before or after the POP (PinkyOrangePurple), which reminds me that I saw a special photo of that on google plus this week, so I’ll add it below, as it follows greenYgrey at sunset.

I nearly forgot to provide my counter-argument to humanist fundamentalists, which is that the wolf might have seemed alone, but was in fact sharing the photo with its habitat, which I’m sure it loves.

greenygrey love

Panoramic paramount platitudes POP

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