Boulevard of Broken Dreams: Age not Jinx

In case you lose interest/attention this blog is not a sad one about my dreams being broken. It is not about old relationships I’m glad to be out of, old friends I’m glad I don’t see any more, or anything to do with work, apart from not making it as a footballer! Negatives try and judge me through their minds, which is the only way the one-dimensionals can think; especially the sadistic psychopathic ‘alphas’!

It’s also not about me being a jinx, or jinxes being true. When I started the greenYgrey it was partly to counter a return to the old witch-hunting ways of Britain and Europe 500 years ago, thinking it was threatened by high religious immigration, as shown in this ‘natural disasters’ article. Now I know that it never really went away!

Boulevard of Broken Dreams Bar Cool Place to Be had a 50_things-you-never-noticed-in-famous-pictures theme recently, and I noticed for the first time that the greenYgrey is not in the Boulevard of Broken Dreams: it is the Boulevard of Broken Dreams! (not that it’s a jinx really! really!!)

This parody painting features James Dean, Humphrey Bogart, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley.

Better have a March Jinx Update

Being a communications doctor of philosophy, and as Derren Brown and Katherine Mills have shown on television, I know that most humans react to what they hear, and see the world from what they know.

If a couple of  alphas (the egotistical alphas I’m writing about, in my past friend groups, university department and past work managers, probably love hearing themselves described as such, thinking themselves superior, but I mean it as group leaders, which can be good or bad. Alpha wolves are usually simply parents, and the pack is their family. So every parent is an alpha, or even a small child that runs a house for a sick parent) want to demonise me as a jinx, to isolate me from the group, and I defend myself by going on about being a jinx, then the group will start to wonder more and more if I am a jinx, associating me with it, and then if something goes wrong with the group I’m top of the list for jinx suspicion. Basic repetitive propaganda can work, and especially to a receptive audience.

That is why leaders are usually able to keep power over their subjects, and retain their sense of superiority: because they have had the power of knowledge and wealth. It was only when weather disasters or stronger armies proved them totally wrong, so that people saw through their scapegoating, when the crops failed or large numbers of people were killed, that their ideologies and claimed superpowers were revealed as illusions.

However, in research, which I learnt when I did my PhD, I know that one anomaly can prove an hypothesis false. So if my critics’ hypothesis is that I am a jinx, they would need to prove ‘bad luck’ is mine, and not other circumstances.

To test the hypothesis, they might look at several examples, to see if there was a pattern of jinxes, separate from other factors. However, I showed in a recent post that I seemed to have brought ‘luck’ to several teams, although it was probably not down to me, as teams’ ‘bad luck’ wasn’t. Top of the list were Barcelona, who’ve dominated world football since I saw them three years ago.

This morning I saw on the news that Barcelona‘d broken a 27 years old Spanish record by going 35 matches unbeaten with a 5-1 win at Rayo Vallecano. Rayo were of course the team I saw Barcelona play on March 17th, 2013, after I’d completed my 4th marathon, with Messi scoring two in a 3-1 win. Last night Messi scored a hat-trick!

I don’t really want to bring a supernatural element into the blog, but is that a greenYgrey they saw in the crowd while celebrating a goal:


It would be more convincing if the Y was yellow, but would we be able to see the Y then?

Another test of my jinxdom would be to see if Leeds United did better when I avoided the match as much as possible. I thought they might struggle at Brighton on Monday night, so I didn’t go out to watch it. Leeds still lost 4-0, and I was nowhere to be seen, so hopefully wasn’t blamed!? Maybe I will be now, if not then, as I’ve mentioned it! I think Leeds should beat Bolton tomorrow, or at least draw, so will dare to wish them luck!!

Boulevard of Broken Dreams Parody

Anyway, back to my original reason for posting, which was seeing the painting below.

I only just learned when researching it that it was originally a 1942 painting called Nighthawks by Edward Hopper, and the celebrities and other characters were only later added in a 1984 Gottfried Helnwein parody of the original.

While some people might think it’s sad and depressing that I liked a painting with a ‘broken dreams’ theme, and some negatives will be cheered, and claiming the credit, I’d just like to clarify that I never expected anything from life, and achieved one of my big ambitions by travelling around the world by the time I was 30, and then getting my memoir published, thus emulating my travel-writing hero Jack Kerouac, who could well have been another ‘celebrity’ drinking in the painting’s bar. Everything else, such as my university degrees and completed marathons, have been a bonus, trying to keep life interesting as I reach and pass my peak.

Rather than ‘broken dreams’ I think it’s more like ‘achieved dreams and then what…’ It’s hard to keep life interesting once you’ve achieved your dreams, as many sports people attest. People like Dean, Presley and Monroe found fame and wealth when young, and then had to keep it up or go downhill… to where the dreams start to break, and reality re-enters!

The original painting was also greenYgrey, but not as greenYgrey!:

Nighthawks by Edward Hopper 1942.jpg

Green Day is Nearly greenYgrey

Talking of Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Green Day had a good song of that title a few years ago, and they are 6/10s greenYgrey in letters, and Green Day also rhymes with greenYgrey. They were of course formed before the greenYgrey.

Green Day have done well from disadvantaged upbringings, but still sing with angst and bitterness, although they did bring out a Christmas song last year! For some, whether it’s brain chemistry or childhood experiences, always live on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams; or maybe more accurately, the Boulevard of Contemplating Dreams, Boulevard of Brewing Dreams, or simply the Boulevard of Day Dreams.

The ideal accompaniment to the new X-Files series:

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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