Kids Company Clarification, My Charity Dedication

Yesterday I mentioned Kids Company in my rambling rant. I just thought I’d try and clarify what I meant, as the negatives will probably make it out as racist or anti-children, in another example of my new word ‘masstake‘.

I know I am promoting myself to some extent in this blog post and yesterday’s, but I’m trying to do that minimally, and promoting the cause of universal child care to the maximum.

Who is Camila Batmanghelidjh?

I don’t know who Camila Batmanghelidjh is. I saw her on television a few times before the scandal hit her Kids Company charity, then read some reports about her, and watched a television documentary about her.

I totally support her intended cause: helping poor and vulnerable children.

I also related to her opinion that the ‘British Establishment’ don’t kill you if they want you out of the way like in some countries, but they kill your image and reputation. I thought that before when reading about communist countries where you have to follow the party line, or face your career being blocked, and being omitted from higher society. That’s how I felt at university, and I related to it when reading about Cuba in the Lonely Planet book before visiting there in 2009: political dissidents are no longer jailed, but their careers are ended.

Problem with Camila Batmanghelidjh 

Maybe Camila Batmanghelidjh started off meaning well, but then Kids Company became too big for her, they became too popular with London luvvies (she seemed to be treated like a goddess guru when public speaking; the female equivalent of Russell Brand), had too much money for their own good and started handing it out willy-nilly; with willYnilly making a good greenYgrey word.

I didn’t know her background until checking it out today on Wikipedia, but wasn’t shocked by her mixed foreign from Britain parentage, thinking that’s exactly what London 1995-2015 has aspired to and loved. She has been showered with awards and money, the last of which was a £3,000,000 grant just before the charity went bankrupt.

Marc Latham went through five years of hell to gain his doctorate, and has been ignored by the British establishment since.

There’s nothing wrong with Camila Batmanghelidjh’s family history for me, and it’s a lot clearer and distinguished than mine as far as I know: the problem is with how Britain over the last twenty years has favoured those she was helping: the cool multicultural children and youth of London: the new immigrants over the families who’ve paid taxes for generations; the people who hate ‘Britain’ over those who want to be patriotic.

I haven’t seen any record of Camila Batmanghelidjh criticising the grooming going on in Britain during that time. Most of it was going on in deprived areas of the north, where white ‘chav’ children were definitely not cool for the London liberal elite, who didn’t want to know about their deprivation and suffering, because it didn’t look good for their great multicultural masterplan (with what they saw as the big plan taking precedence over the poor indigenous working-class reflecting the cannon-fodder causing generals in the WW1 trenches a century ago).

I Don’t Want to Emulate Camila Batmanghelidjh

The liberal elite are probably thinking I’m jealous of Camila Batmanghelidjh now.

I made the decision ten years ago to become a sole-trader writer rather than a non-profit charity. That’s because I thought there were enough charities out there already, and I’d rather pay money to them than compete with them. I’ve been giving to charities regularly since, but don’t want to use it as a promotional tool.

I’ve been living in relative poverty, when I should have been earning a wage well over the national average as a doctor of philosophy. I’ve chosen to do this because I hope it’ll give my writing more impact.

I might have been a little envious of Camila Batmanghelidjh before the Kids Company downfall, but think I made the right decision to stay basic as I have, although if my writing still isn’t valued then it is all ultimately self-defeating. I wouldn’t have gone anywhere near a children’s charity anyway, although I have donated money to them.

I think I made the right decision because the documentary, by a supportive presenter who seemed shocked and disappointed at what she found, showed Camila Batmanghelidjh living in a luxury flat with a swimming-pool, and one of her ‘special people’ also living in relative luxury for helping out at the charity.

When questioned about the pool, Camila Batmanghelidjh said it was for the children too. I don’t know if that’s true or not.

I think the British government should be looking after all the children in Britain, and it shouldn’t be left to ‘charities’. That’s what taxes are for isn’t it?

Ignored Because still Critical of the System?

In comparison, I’ve tried to do what I can for a decade on under £10,000 a year, when I probably should have been on at least £30,000 for somebody with my qualifications.

Despite becoming a graduated doctor from a disadvantaged background and promoting a message of peace and equality, health and fitness, animal welfare and environmental a-were-ness, I wasn’t asked to carry the Olympic torch in 2012… or anything similar!

If people are wondering why I should think that, there were some similar torch-carriers, such as a non-white ex-gang member from London who was now a youth worker speaking up alternatives. Was he chosen because of his ethnicity, or because he was now within the system? I don’t know.

System Works: Rewards It’s Own?

Like many from my background I was warning about the grooming scandal a decade before the liberal elite finally admitted it was going on; acting surprised and shocked when it was ‘uncovered’, giving the credit to Times journalist Andrew Norfolk.

I don’t want to be connected to it, and only followed the media myself, most of whom were reporting about the far right of British politics; the main ones who ‘cared’ about the ‘chav children’, with the nice liberal elite politicians not wanting to know. Local politicians like Keighley Labour’s Anne Cryer were also already on the case.

The ‘far right’ has now generally been extinguished from British politics, while ‘far left’ politician George Galloway seems to have given up leading the Islamist Revolution in Bradford (after being defeated and ignored by the majority of Muslims and other ethnic people), and totally ignoring the grooming going on in his region, and returned to being an old-fashioned socialist leftie, joining ‘moderately far-right’ Nigel Farage in the Brexit camp for the Britain-Europe In/Out vote.

The British liberal media doesn’t want to give a platform to those who warn about grooming, but welcomes back someone who ignored it as he tried to whip up Islamist extremism.

The Seasoning House Reality of Revolutionary War

I watched The Seasoning House yesterday, and it provided a realistic harrowing gruesome fictional portrayal of what life is like for wartime sex slaves.

It was set in the Balkans Wars, with all sides committing atrocities there, as some soldiers have done in most historical wars (but I hope modern developed armies are becoming more ‘civilised’), but is probably just as true for what is going on in Syria now, and especially for the Yazidi girls held captive and sold in markets by I.S.

That is what is going on in I.S.-controlled territory now, as well as many other war zones, and Britain and Europe should be doing all it can to stop it there, and avoid it spreading across the Mediterranean.


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