Britain’s Best Value Doctor of Philosophy not Masstaken

Our time, like all the times before in recorded history, will prove to be a masstake (my newest new word), if humanity is allowed to continue learning, creating and inventing, free of religious, social and ideological suppression.

New Word for Free, Returning to Old Philosophy

In 2005 I thought the British university system was teaching the ruling classes of the world how to control the masses. I thought I had to conform to progress; one of the reasons I left. What I was partly rebelling against was later written about by Owen Jones in his Chavs book.

What Jones omitted from his book, like the other one-dimensional Labour supporters, was that the ‘chavs’ were also being preyed on for industrial scale child abuse by people Jones wanted to support, because they are a part of his wider multicultural fascism (at any costs, including hiding community grooming and rape) political views.

I saw Jones interviewed about it afterwards, and he seemed to dismiss the furore as it being racist anti-ethnic mixing! That’s the kind of grooming ‘persuasion’ I always thought the groomers used: ‘if you don’t go with me you’re racist’, and I think its dastardliness has been confirmed since.

In the multicultural fascism years of New Labour it must have seemed better to be raped than racist for a young outside child looking for somewhere to belong, and something to believe in; something to live for. So I think people like Blair, Campbell, Brown and Jones are partially responsible for the child grooming epidemic that went on under their watch.

Sexual Taste is not Racist

I think there are beautiful people (although I’m only interested in women, to try and keep the homophobic off my back, while still appearing metrosexual for modern Britain) everywhere in the world, and in all races.

But I think the pressure now in the West to find a partner of another ‘race’ is almost like the social engineering of the Nazi party in Germany. That’s what I have felt anyway, and I’m sure the girls who were groomed must have felt in some way.

I am not against ethnic mixing, and included Theo Walcott as a good example of a man a long time ago on this blog, knowing that his partner is very much in line with my ideal sexual tastes.

[We wish men like Johnny Depp, George Clooney and Theo Walcott the best because they seem to be ethical and honest as far as we know.] October 11, 2014.

The more I feel pressured into a ‘mixed’ relationship the more I want to be with a blue-eyed blonde, but then there are those on the right who think that would be a mixed relationship they don’t want, as they  don’t consider me ‘white’ enough!

I am for people being with people they want to be with, and against people being pressured or groomed into relationships they don’t really want to be in; afraid to say no because of physical or psychological concerns.

I think the above is one local masstake about me, since I tried to warn about what was going on in the U.K. a decade ago, and especially after hearing Owen Jones (rather than the biggest scandal in Britain being a racist one for the indigenous against the ethnic, white Christian heritage against non-white Muslim heritage, as the liberal left believed, it was for the ethnic against the indigenous, Muslim against Christian).

I was a critic of establishment Britain in university, and my PhD thesis is full of counter-culture arguments. However, when I also tried criticising the counter-culture I found that they don’t like criticism themselves. At least the establishment seem to expect and accept criticism, in line with the democratic model of our history.

Self-Analysis and Criticism

I am not being racist or Islamophobic speaking out about racism and prejudice against my demographic. I know there are many, many problems with British society, and amongst my demographic, and I am one of them, but am trying to improve myself as much as possible, under what I see as continuing prejudice, but I know people from other demographics might see me and my kind as indolent… sometimes for trying to live a life like them, with free time to think and create, enjoy life and nature!

I’ve tried to provide a good example at the greenYgrey, but have faced more persecution than help, whereas ‘charities’ like Kids Company got millions of government money, and Britain still seems to be apologising/defending itself for being ‘racist’, while wanting the working-class to give up their benefits and bring up their families while working all hours.

I also mostly face hostility from my own demographic as well though, as they don’t consider writing a real job! I partly write while working part-time in a minimum wage job to show I’m doing it for love not money, but the working-class and women I mostly set out to help seem to just want me to work full-time anyway; just pay my taxes and shut up!

Islam Needs to Reform

I think I was wrong in believing the British grooming epidemic was primarily connected to Islam because Mohammed had a child bride, as the perpetrators weren’t that religious, and the practising Muslims have condemned it in public. However, I think it was probably a background factor, in that Mohammed’s example provided a green light for their behaviour.

I think it is a primary factor in how I.S. is behaving, and especially the disgusting treatment of the Yazidi girls, turned from proud people to cheap slaves in the name of religion.

Rather than Britain defending itself against claims of Islamophobia, I think it is up to Muslims to defend their prophet, and explain clearly to the British people why it is okay to propagate a religion that was founded by a man who had sexual relations with an eight-year-old child.

I think the British media should mention that every time it discusses Islam, but it never does.

And the explanations I’ve heard so far don’t cut it with me: that the child bride Ayeesha grew up to be a great woman in Islam. That just sounds like child brides work, and that it is then up to modern child brides to live up to Ayeesha’s example: the British, Yazidi and other children who complain about being groomed are just weak, and should behave like the Muslim girls who stay silent and try and make the best of it!

I will never accept or like Islam because of that fact, but hope to be at peace with an Islam run by good people, as I was thirty years ago when I travelled through Egypt, Malaysia and Indonesia. I apologise to all ‘good Muslims’ for any offence, like the Kurdish fighters, men and women, now bravely at war against I.S., but not for what I believe, or writing about it.

I also don’t believe in other religions, and think most of them need reform and more openness, including the Christian one I was born into, and whose believers are showing great courage in not bowing down to I.S.; even when threatened with death as the only alternative.

I don’t particularly like or want the Jewish state of Israel; but think they have made the right decision in defending themselves resolutely; although I feel sorry for anybody who has suffered the consequences, such as losing land; but think that the only way for Christianity to survive in its Middle-East homeland against the Islam all around, unless I.S. can be defeated, is to build a similarly defended country.

Masstake is a Mass Mistake

Anyway, back to the original blog subject:

Everywhere in the world is living in a masstake, with some greater than others, depending on information freedom. I think we all are, even the free press utopia in Scandinavia, because future knowledge will surpass present knowledge, and people in the future will know that what people believed in 2016 was only partially true, or maybe completely wrong.

That’s because although we know a lot more than humans living in previous ages (although I think those living before the last two millennia of monotheism might have had a clearer view and idea about our universe, until the past century at least), we are still finding out about the planets in our solar system; and can only guess and theorise about the billions of other solar systems beyond the gravity of our star: the sun.

New Word Inspired by Old Information (and my demonised image)

From Wikipedia: From Earth the Milky Way appears as a band because its disk-shaped structure is viewed from within. Galileo Galilei first resolved the band of light into individual stars with his telescope in 1610. Until the early 1920s most astronomers thought that the Milky Way contained all the stars in the Universe. Following the 1920 Great Debate between the astronomers Harlow Shapley and Heber Curtis,[24] observations by Edwin Hubble showed that the Milky Way is just one of many galaxies—now known to number in the billions.
The Milky Way contains between 200 and 400 billion stars and at least 100 billion planets.


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