Little Mix Brits Parody Comedy Diva Request

Introduction: This blog post has a parody comedy central theme, revolving around real events at the Brits: I don’t really think Little Mix made any demands. This is in contrast to the last blog post about X-Files 10:3, with the blog post having some parody comedy, but with a central theme that I think could be true: that the X-Files episode was inspired by my writing and poetry.

Moreover, the This Week political discussion show that has featured on this blog before had  a Magnificent Seven theme last night, with that movie featured in XaW Files and my TravelThruHistory article, being the amount of books I’ve written, so they could have continued the references/copying/tributes/piss-takes having seen my blog earlier in the week about the X-Files?

I know there’s a fine greenYgrey line between the two comedy parody thoughts. Maybe the Mix thoughts (which just reminded me of our legendary Love the mixed-up vole) are closer to reality than the X-Files and This Week ones.

I am not a-were or a werebear!

Let the Parody Comedy begin:

I got all emotional watching Adele’s acceptance speeches for her four awards at the Brits. Because I felt the same way watching Little Mix’s great greenYgreying performance, looking like four greenYgrey Brits awards, thinking that they might have demanded diva style:

‘We’ll only play if we can greenYgrey!’

There was a lot of green and grey in the performance, and a little yellow, along with some other colours.

While all of Little Mix are lovely, and Adele is inspirational, and all of them are very talented, the woman of the night for the greenYgrey website was presenter Laura Whitmore. She wasn’t greenYgreying at the Brits, but put in a great performance at last autumn’s London fashion week for this spring/summer’s fashion:

Front Row & Arrivals: Day 1 - LFW SS16

Maybe she’s after Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno’s fashionista suprema at the greenYgrey job!

The ideal accompaniment to the new X-Files series:

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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