Yorkshire Dales Travel History Article

I’ve got an article about the Yorkshire Dales, Ilkley Festival and Skipton published on TravelThruHistory this month, with an overview of the region’s history, and a couple of cultural references.

Yorkshire has some wonderful countryside and coast, cities and villages, and a fascinating history; as many of England’s counties and U.K. countries do. I don’t know if Yorkshire is the best overall, or for any particular feature, but it certainly has enough to merit a week or two of holiday time travelling around it.

I don’t believe in any gods, so don’t believe Yorkshire’s particularly God’s county, but think it is certainly a great creation.

Yorkshire Folk

Yorkshire women are not all like Nora Batty either; the Last of the Summer Wine sitcom character. There are many nice feminine ones, like Keeley Donovan and Kimberley Walsh show in the media.

The men can be fine and upstanding too, like Parky (Michael Parkinson) and Michael Vaughan. When Vaughan entered the same restaurant/bar as me once, he didn’t show any disappointment at being the second most famous celebrity there.

Yes, Yorkshire people can enjoy a joke. I’ve often said I want to be a Great Yorkshireman, like the chip shop in Leeds… and I’m still alive… and I say I’m alive as a compliment to Leeds and Yorkshire, not as a slur!

Yorkshire Tourism Photos and Videos

I’ve posted more photos from Ingleborough on Google, and some videos on YouTube from the same day trip to Ingleborough. I know Ingleborough and the Three Peaks pretty well now, so please be careful if you fancy going climbing this weekend.

I hope the Yorkshire couple lost on Ben Nevis are found alive, but don’t want to be connected to it in a way discussed in my last two blogs. I had not heard of the couple before, and although I have climbed Ben Nevis, it was a long time ago in the summer of 2004.

I hope my article, photos and videos will inspire more visitors to Yorkshire, as they have been increasing over the greenYgrey years, and don’t resent Sir Gary Verity stealing my knighthood, or copying the greenYgrey yellow Y! A Leeds United result at Watford in the cup would also be cool, but unlikely if Deeney and Ighalo are playing?


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