X-Files Success in U.K. and North America Proves no Jinx?

The new series of the X-Files has been a big success in the U.K. and U.S.A., after it was filmed following me starting to write and blog XaW Files, and after it aired after I published the X Files parody, which used the previous nine series’ 202 episodes to format the fantasy ramble around Europe mostly by Google Maps and Wikipedia.

The X-Files broke the viewing figures record for a drama on Channel 5, and has also been a big success for the Fox Network in the U.S.A.

I’ve enjoyed the first two episodes on Channel 5, and particularly how it inspires viewers to think beyond the normal. That doesn’t mean everything is real of course, and Duchovny recently said in a Radio Times interview that he doesn’t believe in conspiracy theories himself.

He reminded me of the greenYgrey and XaW Files when he said: “The X-Files is very flexible and malleable in that we’ve got many genres within the show,” he says. “There’s the horror X-Files. There’s the thriller X-Files. The mythology X-Files. A romantic element creeps in every now and then – and then there’s the comedic X-Files.’

I don’t believe in big global conspiracies, that include different countries, such as space and aliens, because we don’t really live in a United Nations, and Russia and America would surely have reputed each other’s achievements in the space race during the Cold War. However, I do believe there are bound to be some secrets in smaller independent countries or within religions; that only include people of the same ideology. Some have become apparent, such as the widespread child abuse cases.

Some of my enemies try to spoil my life and career creating conspiracies about me, including a witch-hunter type one that I’m a jinx. They try and stop people liking or supporting me, and then make out any subsequent failings are down to me being unlucky!

Some of them are Leeds United fans, who blame the outsider for jinxing their club. They don’t consider the fact that I arrived in the city in 1995, and enjoyed the Champions League run and great side of the late 1990s before the Peter Ridsdale financial gamble failed and the club went bankrupt. The slide in fact coincided with the ICS treating me badly during my PhD, led by a supporter of a rival club for the Premier League top 4, so if anybody is to blame for Leeds United’s current lowly position it is him and the department/university. He has passed away now. I didn’t wish it on him, but haven’t mourned him either!

The X-Files success shows the XaW Files has been no jinx, and as far as I know it is safe to buy or borrow. Just because I’m an agnostic doesn’t mean I’m a devil-worshipper! Maybe creating a jinx media campaign would create interest, like with the Exorcist movie, but I just want to deal with facts and reality, as befitting a doctor of philosophy.

The few celebrities to die in the book are still doing well, and Princess Kate had a beautiful healthy baby, after her pregnancy was announced on the same day as Love the mixed-up vole. Moreover, Ronaldo scored a great goal for Real Madrid last night, wearing a great greenYgrey strip. I picked Ronaldo as a fictional victim because I thought he was the fittest athlete, and least likely to die in real life!

I also went to watch Barcelona three years ago to celebrate completing my marathon, after seeing how cheap tickets were for their game with Rayo Vallecano. Barcelona won 3-1 with Messi scoring twice. They were brilliant then, but have become even better since, and are now considered one of the best teams of all time.

Screenshot (41)

I planned to do this year’s marathon in Iceland during the Euro 2016 qualifying, and Iceland became the smallest country ever to qualify. I then changed my mind to Latvia, who finished bottom of their group, not caring about football prestige or jinxes!

I mention Saint-Etienne in XaW Files, citing them as my favourite European team, and connecting their 1970s exploits to Leeds United, with a big coincidence being that I wrote it on the 40th anniversary of Leeds’s cup final appearance in 1975.

Saint-Etienne are doing well, and are now fourth in the French league. I visited Inverness last year, and they are doing well, most recently beating title-challengers Aberdeen 3-1 on Monday night. I passed through Shrewsbury last year, and they are doing well, and play Manchester United in a plum F.A. Cup 5th round draw next week, after a dream injury-time win in the fourth round. I visited Oxford a couple of years ago, and they’re in the promotion places now, around where they were when I was there. I also visited Chesterfield and Newcastle, who are struggling. Newcastle were when I visited them, and had a few wins afterwards, before slumping. I don’t know if Chesterfield were expected to struggle, and hope they stay up; they did have one great 7-0 win as well.

Some of the celebrities in the book have suffered misfortune, with Nick Cave losing his son probably the most tragic, but there are unfortunately people dying every second, including about 5 a day on British roads.

Anyway, I should be trying to create a better planet for life now, but am being bogged down by those with power, mostly men and their female supporters, who want to keep themselves in the hierarchy of their families, friend groups, workplaces (I’m referring to Dastardly and Muttley there, not anybody in my current shop or the MPM), communities, countries and continents.

While I think (and know to about 90% certainty) they’re speaking rubbish, the people they try and control usually have less knowledge about life and the world than them, so they are just as likely to believe them; and especially if they are under their power for most of the time.

So if positives have been wondering why I haven’t been friendly, or looking at them nicely, it’s because there are just as many negatives trying to use it against me, although I think most are being misguided by a few jealous or competitive people, who are mostly male.

Even Jane Tomlinson had trolls when she was a totally nice woman and great inspiration, undertaking amazing endurance events while battling cancer. I’m glad I chose her as my inspiration, along with Paula Radcliffe, after the most famous male charity runner in Leeds proved to be a big imposter/disappointment!

The only job I want is a writer/celebrity, and the only woman (no men, but not homophobic) is a Amber Heard/Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley/Michelle Keegan lookalike/personalityalike: about 21-40 years old and slim, preferably intelligent and sophisticated, with a good sense of humour, and an unattached non-smoker who likes animals.

If that means you don’t want to buy/borrow my books fine, but I still believe in supporting women’s equality, on a meritocracy basis, and believe gay people should be able to do whatever they want to in their private lives. I also think there should be controlled immigration, and the only way to stop religious wars is for all the monotheists to have a mature attitude incorporating current scientific thinking. About 80-90% of the world is still monotheist, so please don’t accuse me of selling out, and trying to play to the majority. The majority figures don’t persuade me though, because the world has mostly been converted by methods and tactics seen being used by I.S. now.

I wrote my books to try and make some difference today, but also as the legacy of my life. Even if they don’t become popular in my life, I hope they will be considered worthy by historians in the future. Maybe I’m upping myself too much, but that’s my bipolarity, and what has inspired me to achieve what I have done; although the negatives have tried to steal that from me too, claiming credit for my hypnagogic sleep times and running in the zone precious thinking times coffilosophy!



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