X Files Conspiracy Case Solved

This is a comedy parody blog post, containing some real footage from the X Files fantasy world.

With the new X Files series announced after I started writing the now published XaW Files, I wondered if I could have inspired it, and looked for evidence of my inspiration. I found much greenYgreyness, with Mulder looking particularly greenygrey, as shown in a previous blog.

Researching X Files

However, then I wondered if it was just a coincidence, so I started watching the original series again on Channel 5.

It only took two episodes to see that Mulder has always been fond of greenYgreying. In the first image below he created a fantastic double old-fashioned greenygrey with costume and nature. In the second image a yellow element is introduced.

Screenshot (39) Screenshot (40)

So I reached the elementary conclusion that Mulder has always greenygreyed, and report it to you so that you don’t think the new X Files is a greenYgrey-capture conspiracy, as this is a reporting scientific truth blog, and not a cover-up conspiracy.

However, there are other mysteries still ongoing, and I’ll bring you more evidence as it emerges…


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