Gravity Waves and Hieronymous Bosch Exhibition

Hieronymous Bosch’s biggest art exhibition in his home country Netherlands this week coincided with news from NASA that they’d detected gravitational waves from a couple of black holes colliding deep in space time. Bosch lived from 1450 to 1516.

Gravity Waves Conspiracy Theory

The intensely powerful black holes collided a long time ago, but the gravity waves have just reached our planet, and been detected by two interferometers used by the Ligo collaboration. The phenomenon was predicted by Albert Einstein in 1916; 500 years after Bosch passed away and a century ago this year.

I wondered this week if the gravity waves could have been the real reason I felt the urge to finish the XaW Files: Beyond Humanity book by this time, which I consciously thought was for the new series of X Files.

However, I think that is like thinking you knew what was going to happen after the event. Conspiracy theorists might think the X Files and XaW Files emerging just before the gravity waves detection could all be connected. I don’t, because I’ve got no connection to the other players; as far as I know anyway!

Bosch Paintings and Gravity Waves

Bosch’s paintings included many depictions reflecting the Medieval idea of heaven and hell, which I think are an interesting comparison to how science is now viewing space. They are also connected through greenYgreyness!:

Hieronymous Bosch Art

greenYgrey Connector – actually the Hanford Ligo Observatory

Gravity Waves Science


NSF/Ligo labs


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