Humanity is the greenYgrey Y: Why?

I missed the sunrise this morning, what with the time of year now being outside the ideal time for 9 to 5 workers, either side of midwinter around December 21/22 in the northern hemisphere.

However, at about 8.50am the news showed great video footage from the International Space Station of lightning flashes on our planet (all planets have storms, and I think many or all have lightning?), with the planet looking grey and the terminator/twilight zone looking green. Moreover, there was also yellow on Earth.

It was followed by a weather forecast photo of POP (PinkyOrangePurple) cloud too, as the POP age here has followed the greenYgrey!

Twilight Zone above Earth

The terminator/twilight zone is a scene we first discovered over Moscow at the start of XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, a long time after thinking up the greenygrey concept from landscape views in Blighty, and not knowing where on Earth and sky the travel quest was going to end.

I had greenYgrey style mixed feelings about the lightning, as it’s sometimes bad for humans and other life on Earth, as well as damaging for other forms, so I was relieved to see that the yellow was actually the lights created by humans.

So, the complete greenYgrey image in the video is part nature and part humanity. I think it’s a good balance when kept in check. I love seeing the yellow lights of humanity from above, but know it can also use up the planet’s limited resources; kind of making it a greenYgrey good and bad human equivalent to the lightning of nature.

Tales from the Other Side

Bringing a little self-parody comedy into it, and causing myself trouble by giving one-dimensional negatives ideas, as I have so often done in the past, I think I have to add that humanity is also the greenYgrey Y/why because the planet and animals don’t read books and blogs, so I could also be trying to flatter you humans, and trying to make you want to become great greenYgreyliens.

As a self-employed writer publicising myself it is part of my job, but as a doctor of philosophy I also feel obliged to explain myself, and give you the full picture, even if I am mostly just trying to do good and entertain!

And I’m not trying to play God either. However, I did feel a bit like a dust god earlier, as I watched lots of dust in bright sunlight, imagining each speck as a galaxy, and wondering if the room is equivalent to the known universe in size compared to the specks of dust, or just a small portion of it, as previously cited in a discussion on this blog before, along with the – more stars in the universe than grains of sand on all the beaches on Earth – fact.

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