X Files New Series on Channel 5 Fan – Tastic Thoughts

It’s X-Files Eve in Blighty for terrestrial viewers, as the new post-XaW Files series picks up from where the last pre-XaW Files series left off. It follows hot on the heels of the The Most Dangerous Band documentary about Guns N’ Roses; another big influence on XaW Files; which premiered in the U.K. on Friday night.

How Much of a Fan Am I?

While I consider myself a big fan of both Guns N’ Roses and X Files, there are much bigger ones, as I see on fan forums. I would say that I’m an 8.5/10 fan of Guns N’ Roses, and a 6.5/10 fan of X Files.

I didn’t know anybody who bought Appetite for Destruction before me in 1987, although there were of course many around the world. I was alerted to Guns by Kerrang magazine, which was the heavy metal and classic rock magazine of that time, as Classic Rock magazine is now. I was already more into the American rock of Van Halen, Aerosmith, Kiss, The Runaways and Motley Crue than anything else, so they were of immediate interest. Appetite seemed like the debut album I’d been waiting for, so I was an instant fan.

I saw Guns a couple of times in-between travel trips, at Monsters of Rock playing the Appetite album and Wembley Arena for the Illusion albums. To see them in arenas once for each album seemed enough to me, having to travel across the country to do so, although I’d have liked to see them more, and there were obviously fans who did a lot more. If I’d been in L.A. during the early days, I probably would’ve wanted to see them all the time.

The collapse of Guns and most of that happy wild living escapism genre in the mid-1990s, with the Seattle grunge scene the catalyst, saw me lose interest in following rock and metal closely. I escaped into dance music, until my favourite style in that, which was kind of similar to my rock tastes, uplifting and melodic (although I also liked thrash metal and techno dance in smaller doses) also lost popularity, and I grew too old for it anyway.

So I returned to mostly following rock and metal in the mid-2000s, with talk of new Guns N’ Roses material of particular interest. I think Chinese Democracy was the last CD I bought, and I liked it, although not as much as the earlier material. I’d also bought the two Velvet Revolver CDs, featuring Slash and Duff, and thought they were okay, but pretty average. I liked Izzy’s Ju Ju Hounds sound, but didn’t buy any CDs.

I went to see Guns N’ Roses, in the second year of the gYg gig of the year awards, and enjoyed the concert. I didn’t go the next time, when I thought they’d be playing the same material.

So I give myself 8.5/10 as a Guns fan, being an avid fan for most of the last nearly thirty years, naming my first book after them and being influenced by them in my writing; but not going to as many gigs as possible, buying all their material, dissecting their songs or diligently posting to fan forums.

X Files Fan

It’s a similar story for X Files, although I was never as big a fan of it as I was Guns N’ Roses. I liked it from the start, but it wasn’t a part of my social life or identity. I didn’t buy any merchandise, or join any fan events.

I also kind of lost interest when everybody else did, although I still enjoyed it when watching it, and was still interested in the story and how it proceeded.

I watched the Squeeze classic episode recently, and was delighted to hear Mulder pointing out that aliens are grey rather than green. Not because I think aliens are necessarily grey rather than green, just that he mentioned the two original colours of the greenYgrey.

Am I really looking forward to the new X Files series? Yes, certainly. I hope it can live up to the glory days of earlier X Files, and the reports I’ve heard have been pretty good. The series has returned to being filmed in Vancouver, which I’d forgotten was its original home, remembering that the Greenygrey awoke in that vicinity for its North American ramble start to the fantasy travel by www maps and info (mostly Google and Wikipedia) era.

Do greenYgreyliens Exist?

Now that the greenYgrey is eight years old in the human world, with our anniversary for starting posting on the old site around about now, I wonder if there are any of you who consider yourselves great greenYgreyliens.

I try and keep expectations down and realism up, as I don’t know how long it’ll continue, and I don’t want you becoming too reliant or obsessive, or think of me as a fake, but I do hope there are some people who enjoy the greenYgrey world, and consider it a fantasy home from real home. The truth is out there…

With the fantasy rambling trilogy finished, maybe it’s time for a new greenYgrey direction, so any requests or suggestions, memories or publication offers are welcome. Maybe it’s time for the greenYgreyliens to take over, now that the greenYgrey has left the human world…

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